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‘The Little Couple’ Will Klein Asks Fans For Help, Why?

‘The Little Couple’ Will Klein Asks Fans For Help, Why?

The Little Couple: Will Klein

The Little Couple cast member Will Klein recently reached out to fans on social media asking for help. What is going on with him, and why did he reach out to TLC fans?

The Little Couple: Will Klein All Grown Up

For any The Little Couple fans who watched the TLC show from the very beginning, Will Klein is all grown up now compared to when Jen Arnold and Bill Klein first adopted him from China. He has come a long way over the years, and longtime viewers love to see it.

Recently, The Little Couple family took a trip to New York City to celebrate Will Klein’s fourteenth birthday. NYC is one of Will’s favorite places. Now that Jen Arnold and company live in Boston, they don’t have to travel very long to make it to the Big Apple. Based on the updates from their time in the city, Will had a great time.

The Little Couple: Jen Arnold – Bill Klein – Will Klein – Zoey Klein/Instagram

Will Has His Own Social Media And More

With Will now in his teenage years, he is doing a lot of small things to branch out and become his own man. One of the ways he has been doing this recently is by launching his own social media accounts. Will Klein now has his own Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube channel.

Typically, the only way to get regular The Little Couple family updates has been to watch Jen Arnold’s social media for anything she posts. Bill Klein is also on social media, but, he doesn’t post nearly as often as his wife does. With Will adding himself into the mix, this is another opportunity for viewers to keep up with everything they have going on, particularly because their fan-favorite show is no longer on the air.

The Little Couple: Will Klein
The Little Couple: Will Klein/Instagram

The Little Couple Celeb Recently Asked His Followers For Help

Will Klein hasn’t had his Instagram up long, but, already, he has almost 10k followers. He recently reached out to his growing follower base, asking them for help. Will wrote: “Hi my instagram followers should my parents get me earrings comment yes if they should and comment no if they shouldn’t ok.”

The Little Couple: Will Klein
The Little Couple: Will Klein/Instagram

Will Klein seems to want to try out a new look, and earrings might be a great way for him to do that, all while expressing himself and his individuality. The Little Couple fans didn’t disappoint, with many commenters offering helpful tips and advice as Will Klein contemplates making this change.

  • One The Little Couple fan wrote: “Just get a set of magnetic stud earrings. Then you can decide if you really like the look, and you won’t have to deal with the hole(s) afterward.”
  • While some said that Will shouldn’t get them, other followers were very supportive, with one writing: “Yes!! Express yourself!”

Social media can be a ruthless place, however, Will seems to have found his own supportive community of followers. Based on the advice he got, it will be worth watching to see if he goes through with getting earrings or not.

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