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Jackson & Lilah Roloff Shock Fans With Bungee Jumping, Vids

Jackson & Lilah Roloff Shock Fans With Bungee Jumping, Vids

Little People Big World: Jackson Roloff - Lilah Roloff - Josiah Roloff

Little People Big World fans may have a lot to say about Zach Roloff and Tori Roloff. The one thing viewers can agree on, however, is that they love seeing new updates of Jackson Roloff and his sister, Lilah Roloff. The brother and sister recently shocked fans as they took flight in a big way.

Little People Big World: The One Thing Viewers Love Is Updates With The Roloff Kids

There is a lot of Little People Big World Roloff drama when it comes to the adults in the family. Zach Roloff is still bitter over the Roloff Farms deal that went south, and whether or not the family will ever be whole again is still an ongoing topic among viewers.

The one thing most Little People Big World fans can agree on is that they love updates with the Roloff kids. Jackson Roloff and Lilah Roloff get bigger by the day, and so does Josiah Roloff. No matter how fans feel about Zach, Tori, and some of the choices they have made, the one thing that still brings fans together is updates on their children.

Little People Big World: Tori Roloff – Zach Roloff – Jackson Roloff – Lilah Roloff – Josiah Roloff

Jackson Roloff And Lilah Roloff Take Flight In Shocking Videos

In the latest Little People Big World updates from Tori Roloff, Jackson and Lilah achieved some serious hang-time, as they took to the sky in an adorable way. Based on vids making the rounds, Tori strapped Jackson and Lilah to a bungee jumping contraption, and they were able to get off the ground in a way that they both enjoyed.

They attended some type of event where that was available. Many Little People Big World fans were shocked to see Jackson and Lilah both doing this, as they were thrust a good amount into the air. For safety reasons, they were both strapped in before enjoying this experience, so everyone was able to have a safe and fun time.

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Little People Big World Family Takes Memorable Trip

Tori Roloff recently shared some fun family pics while they all went on their “annual trip to the tulips.” It was a fun family adventure that everyone enjoyed, including Zach and Tori’s youngest, Josiah Roloff. Now that Zach and Tori are no longer with the TLC show, they have even more time for fun family adventures just like this.


Jackson, Lilah, and Josiah all frolicked around in a field of tulips without a care in the world. Judging by the series of pics Tori Roloff included with one of her recent updates, Jackson and Josiah even got on a huge tractor.

Everyone seemed to have a great time with this Little People Big World family outing, and Tori’s millions of social media followers love to see it.

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