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Little People’s Tori Roloff shows off daughter Lilah’s gymnastic skills in nursery after fan concerns for her health

LILAH, the daughter of Little People, Big World’s Tori Roloff, has shown off her gymnastic skills in her nursery.

Tori, 32, shared a short video of her three-year-old daughter.

Tori Roloff uploaded a sweet video of daughter Lilah’s gymnastic skills
Tori Roloff uploaded a sweet video of daughter Lilah’s gymnastic skillsCredit: Instagram/toriroloff
Tori mentioned Lilah 'accidentally nailed her first somersault'
Tori mentioned Lilah ‘accidentally nailed her first somersault’Credit: Instagram/toriroloff
Tori has shared with fans about Lilah's developmental delays
Tori has shared with fans about Lilah’s developmental delaysCredit: Instagram / Tori Roloff

In the Instagram Story, Lilah ditched her glasses as she turned her head over her bare feet and landed on her back.

The LPBW alum cheered: “Did you mean to do that?”


While getting back up from the floor, the little one chuckled and gushed: “Yes!”

The mother/daughter duo started laughing heartily together.

The TLC star captioned the sweet post: “When your daughter accidentally nailed her first somersault.”


At the end of May, Tori seemed more serious when she recently shared a brief clip of her only daughter in deep water.

The swimming lesson started at the edge of the swimming pool as Lilah pushed herself off the steps.


Zach Roloff’s daughter had the aid of two pool noodles as she began to swim.

Tori noticed saw that Lilah was confident enough and let go.

She stood nearby in the shallow water and allowed Lilah to swim by herself.

Tori captioned the video: “I’m just so proud of this girl!

“But also terrified that she’s so comfortable in the water! This is going to be a fun summer.”

The mom of three concluded: “She can’t wait to show her friend ‘Ash’ who has a pool!”


Tori and her husband Zach, 33, have opened up about Lilah’s developmental delays amid fan concern for her health.

In 2022, the reality TV couple revealed Lilah failed a hearing exam during a trip to the doctor’s office.

Tori explained: “They were worried that she has water behind her ears and that she maybe couldn’t hear us.

“There’s a possibility that it could be contributing to her delay in speech.”

However, in a video from February, Tori filmed Lilah as she played and even gave her mom a spelling lesson.

Tori asked Lilah if she could spell her name, the word “dada,” and the word “mama” correctly.

With each correct spelling, Tori gleefully encouraged the toddler with shouts of “Good job!” and “Yay!”


In November 2020, Tori revealed that Lilah needed glasses to help with her “lazy eye.”

She shared: “Sweet Lilah Bean…Girlsie got herself some new accessories!! Sweet girl has what’s called strabismus. Basically, she’s crossed-eyed.

The TV personality continued: “I’m not going to lie.

“There’s been a lot of mixed emotions (mostly from me, not her), but we put them on her for the first time today, and she seems relatively unbothered by them.”

Tori and Zach are the parents of three children: Lilah, six-year-old Jackson, and their youngest son Josiah, one.

Tori and Zach Roloff pictured with their three children
Tori and Zach Roloff pictured with their three childrenCredit: Instagram / Tori Roloff
Tori  shared video of Lilah in the swimming pool
Tori shared video of Lilah in the swimming poolCredit: Instagram/toriroloff

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