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LPBW: Tori Flaunts Flaunts Major Milestone, Checks Out Another Item On Her Bucket List!

LPBW star Tori Roloff and her family are making the best out of their summertime! The Roloff family is focused on having fun, adventure, and creating memories. The Little People Big World celebs have recently been seen spending time together as their oldest son Jackson is on his summer break. Lately, the Roloff family when to enjoy a beach day, where their outing was brought to an end by something Tori would always cherish. She was utterly amazed by the event. Read further to know more!

LPBW: Roloff Family Enjoyed A Fun Beach Day!

Little People Big World star Tori Roloff is a proud mother! Last month she shared the pictures from her oldest kid, Jackson’s kindergarten graduation. He is now a first grader. Thus, the Roloff family is all focused on enjoying the summer break. This LPBW family recently started their summer break by heading to a beautiful beach to enjoy the sun, water, and obviously sand. They drove a couple of hours to enjoy their outing at Long Beach in Washington.

Like every other family outing, Tori Roloff even captured a few moments from this day trip. She posted an Instagram story yesterday wherein Jackson and Lilah were featured being buried in the sand with their heads out. Jackson looked ecstatic while being covered in the sand. But his sister did not like her parents’ act of covering her with sand. The LPBW beauty queen certainly did not enjoy getting trapped in wet sand.


Tori also captured the moment when Jackson and his father, Zach, went into the water. The young champ is an adventure-loving boy. Thus, not wearing swing shorts could not stop him from entering the cold water. Mama Tori used all her photography skills to capture glimpses from their family beach outing

. She even posted a few of them online. 

LPBW: Tori Roloff Ticked Another Bucket List Item!

This fun and memory-filled beach day was accompanied by something that Tori could never forget. While heading back to their home in Battle Ground, Washington, the LPBW cast member saw something amazing. It made her tick off an item from her bucket list. On their way back home, she saw a black bear in the wilderness. This mother of three always dreamt of seeing one running freely in the wild. Tori oozed with happiness as she talked about this incident in her Instagram story.

This LPBW star also added that she could not capture evidence of this moment because everything happened so quickly. Although Tori wished to capture the video of that black bear, she was delighted to check off an item from her bucket list. The mere glimpse of this animal brought immense happiness to Tori Roloff. This was a fun family trip, but it didn’t mark the end of their summer fun. A lot of Roloff family outings and adventures still await for all their kids to be at home for the summer. So, keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for the latest LPBW updates!


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