OutDaughtered: Parker Busby Has Anxiety Issues? Adam & Danielle Reveal Big Update!

Among all the quints, Parker Busby has always been identified as one of the sweetest and kindest. Though, Season 8 featured her struggling with self-confidence and anxiety but the hiatus of two years has reflected a lot of change in her personality. The OutDaughtered star looks more confident and self-reliant in the new season. Besides their continuous efforts, Adam and Danielle Busby have recently shared what helped Parker overcome her anxiety issue in one of their social media uploads. Here is more about it!

OutDaughtered: How Parker Crushed Her Anxiety Issue?

Mommy and Daddy Busby often treat their fans with regular updates via their social media accounts. These uploads usually featured regular life updates, but the couple has lately been uploading some promotional content for OutDaughtered Season 9 as well. One such promotional video included a fun task wherein both Adam and Danielle were asked to use one word to describe their daughters. They dived into the challenge with their oldest daughter Blayke followed by all the quints one after the other. However, several fans pointed out that the parents cheated by using more than one word for all their girls. But many of them completely agreed with Parker’s description.


OutDaughtered star Danielle started by claiming that she identifies Parker as ‘tough,’ to which Adam agreed. The proud mama continued to mention that her little angel had grown stronger since she started dancing. She added that dancing has brought a boost to Parker’s confidence. This has even helped her fight her anxiety issues and develop her confidence level. On listening to this description, several fans gushed to the comments to agree with proud parents.


One of the users claimed that she could not choose one word for Parker. Besides agreeing with ‘Tough,’ she continued to describe her as super intelligent, athletic, beautiful, genuine, brave, and compassionate. Another fan expressed happiness on hearing that the new season will feature a stronger Parker. She continued relating to her as the user is also shy and extremely sensitive like Parker earlier used to be. And several other fans conveyed their excitement to see more of Parker’s dance.

OutDaughtered: Adam & Danielle Justify Their Crazy Description For Another Daughter!

While describing their redhead quint, Adam claimed that Hazel is a sweetheart and soon used the word ‘servant’ to describe her. Even Mama Busby agreed with Daddy Busby’s choice of words. Although their choice of word sounds weird, Hazel’s parents quickly justified it. They expressed that Hazel is always willing to help people. They even added that helping people around her brings her immense delight. Danielle also mentioned that their redhead always manages to wear a cute little smile.

However, several fans agreed with Adam and Danielle’s description of Hazel. But do you agree with it? Do you think that the Busby parents did an amazing job while describing their daughter? Can you think of any better word to describe the quints, especially Parker? Sound off in the comment section below. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for the latest OutDaughtered news!


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