‘OutDaughtered:’ Danielle & Adam Busby Go Missing, Fans Worry

Danielle Busby and Adam Busby - Instagram

Fans of TLC’s OutDaughtered are expressing concerns and worries as Adam Busby and his wife Danielle, and their six beautiful girls, have seemingly gone missing. Looking at both Adam and Danielle’s Instagram profiles, it has been five days since they posted anything. Shockingly, they have only really posted on their profile twice in the past week. Has something happened that caused the TLC family to ghost their fans?

OutDaughtered: Danielle & Adam Busby Go Missing, Fans Worry

It was five days ago that Danielle Busby last posted on her Instagram profile. The post was a collection of photos from Graeson Bee’s latest fashion show. The post was a promotion of the upcoming fashion show happening next month.



Danielle penned in the Instagram post: “Who is READY for the Busbys 3rd Annual @graesonbee Holiday Soiree & FASHION SHOW benefiting the NICU!!”Prior to that, she posted a photo of herself with Riley and Parker as she headed to soccer practice. In the comments fans questioned if any of the other girls also played soccer. Unfortunately, Danielle did not respond to the comments answering any questions.

Now, Adam Busby’s last Instagram post was four days ago. It featured a video of his home full of TLC’s production crew. Adam talked about how much his girls have grown over the years. In the caption, he admitted how fun it was to watch his beautiful girls learn and develop so many skills.


Like Danielle’s profile, his previous post was from a week prior. Furthermore, he also didn’t appear to be responding to comments.


Where Did They Go?

Now, around the U.S., children in school have been on some sort of fall break over the past few weeks. For some school districts, fall break was a full two weeks. For others, fall break is just a few days. There, however, are some schools that do not do fall breaks in favor of longer breaks around Thanksgiving. So, some fans speculate Adam and Danielle Busby could be busy with the girls out of school for fall break.


As fans know, Adam and Danielle Busby are busy preparing for Graeson Boutique’s next fashion show. So, it is possible they haven’t been on social media much lately because they’ve been busy preparing for that. Danielle Busby did post another promotion of the fashion show on her Instagram Stories. It, however, has been days since either posted something on their profile they didn’t expire in 24 hours.

Did you notice Adam and Danielle Busby have not posted much on social media in the past week? Do you agree this is a bit unusual for the couple? Were you also worried about why they went missing? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more news on your favorite TLC families.


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