Adam Busby Gets Defensive Over ‘Savages’ Comment

Adam Busby Gets Defensive Over ‘Savages’ Comment

Adam Busby - YouTube

Adam Busby and his beautiful wife Danielle have finally surfaced after seemingly ghosting OutDaughtered fans on Instagram. Turns out, the TLC couple decided to enjoy a bit of a romantic getaway as they prepared for their upcoming fashion show.

While the reality TV couple frequently gets hit with criticism and backlash over their kidless vacations, this trip hit a little different with fans. In fact, one fan tore into Adam with a comment liked over a dozen times by other fans who agreed.

Unlike his wife Danielle, Adam tends to run a little hotter when it comes to criticism and backlash in the comments of his post. This particular comment caused him to come unhinged. What exactly did this fan say to Adam and Danielle? Furthermore, what did Adam say back? Keep reading for the juicy details.


Adam Busby Gets Defensive Over ‘Savages’ Comment

Adam Busby penned in a caption attached to a video clip of their exciting trip: “Having a fun couples getaway to BVI! This was the smallest plane I’ve ever been on.”

With everything going on in the world right now, one OutDaughtered fan argued it was a pretty poorly timed vacation.

The fan penned in a comment: “With everything in the country going on and u go on a vacation! U live in Texas where all the savages are coming through and then leave your kids at home unarmed. Seems silly to me.”

Floored by the negative comment, Adam Busby fired off a reply: “think the term savages is a bit out of bounds and unnecessary. I promise you. My kids may be in even more protected hands right now than even when I’m home with them.”



Other fans chimed in to question what “savages” the OP was referring to as they lived in the same area as the Busby family.

The OP did return to the post to drop a second statement that their comment wasn’t nearly as big of a deal as everyone was making it out to be.

Making a statement is not being hateful. Just a opinion and everyone has them. Didn’t mean to sound hateful. Good Lord. Just saying I would be nervous. That’s all.

Adam Busby - Instagram Comments
Adam Busby – Instagram Comments

No Love For Negative OutDaughtered Fan

While the comment received over a dozen likes, no one in response to the comment seemed to agree. In fact, fans doubled down on criticizing the OP in response to their follow-up comment as well.


Fans argued the OP knew exactly what they were doing when they left such a negative comment. And, they thought it was a disgusting thing to assume about Adam Busby and his beautiful girls.

Adam Busby - Youtube - OutDaughtered
Adam Busby – Youtube – OutDaughtered

What do you think about the comment this individual left on Adam’s profile? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. And, keep coming back for more news on your favorite TLC families.

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