‘OutDaughtered’ Adam Busby’s Niece Needs Big Prayers

Adam Busby - YouTube

OutDaughtered fans don’t know Adam Busby’s side of the family all that well. Actually, they very seldom, if ever feature on the TLC show. Recently, one of his sisters started sharing that her daughter, Adam’s niece faced a tough time. Naturally, TLC fans wondered what was wrong with Blayke and the quints’ cousin. Read on to find out.

OutDaughtered Adam Busby Keeps His Family Private

Occasionally, fans will hear about the family that lives in Lake Charles, Louisiana. For example, when Hurricane Laura hit the place, there was a lot of devastation, so Danielle started collecting goods to ship up there. At the time, she mentioned Adam’s sister Kayla:

Nana & Papa, Grandma, Kayla & David and the girls.. along with all our Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and so many friends have SO MUCH TO REBUILD. The whole entire city needs to be rebuilt.


Adam Busby has another sister named Clarissa, but very little is known about her. TLC fans discovered a while back that Kayla is married and has children. Sometimes, she appeared in Adam’s YouTube videos. Amongst the kids that Kayla Busby and her husband David ONeal raise, is Isla. She’s very pretty, recently performed in her first pageant, and makes her mom very proud. However, posts suggested that she was not well.

OutDaughtered Fans Wonder About Adam Busby’s Niece

Kalya Busby ONeal started posting on Instagram and Facebook about how she worried for Isla. In one of her posts, she said, “It’s been a rough week for my girl. Thankful for these smiles and happy moments.” In another post, she sounded tired and upset and prayed for the strength of God to remain thankful that her daughter would leave the hospital. So, it sounds like Isla isn’t well, went to the hospital, and will leave alive. But, what is the actual problem?

Adam Busby's Niece Could Use Some Prayers - Kayla ONeal Instagram Stories
Adam Busby’s Niece Could Use Some Prayers – Kayla ONeal Instagram Stories

On Reddit, an OP asked if anyone knew what was happening with Isla, the niece of Adam Busby. At the time of writing this article, nobody seemed to know. Checking it out revealed that details came from the OutDaughtered star’s sister on Facebook. 

Kayla ONeal - Facebook
Kayla ONeal – Facebook

In the comments, people sent in their prayers, but not everyone knows what was wrong with Adam Busby’s niece. However, when a follower said they didn’t know what “challenges” Isla faced, her mom explained.


Prayers Won’t Hurt

OutDaugheted fans might want to say a few prayers or send some positive thoughts the way of Adam Busby’s mom and her daughter. In her reply to the follower, Kayla said:

She is currently on Homebound due to losing the majority of her vision. We’ve seen more doctors these past few weeks than i want to count.
We are praying and believing her sight will be fully restored. 💕
The post that went up on October 25 preceded the story about her girl leaving the hospital. So, it seems as if the surgery happened recently, and either it was not successful, or her mom is praying that either way, her daughter will be blessed by God.
What Is Wrong With Adam Busby's Niece Isla - Facebook
Adam Busby’s Niece Isla – Facebook

Are you sad to hear that Isla, a cousin of the Busby quints is fighting for her eyesight to be restored? Her mom is trying so hard to be brave and keep the faith. Certainly, it wouldn’t hurt for TLC fans to send some prayers her way.

Come back here often to check for more news about the cast of Outdaughtered that airs on TLC in season.


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