Is ‘OutDaughtered’ Scripted, Danielle Busby Is Too Much?

Is ‘OutDaughtered’ Scripted, Danielle Busby Is Too Much?

Danielle Busby - OutDaughtered

Recently, OutDaugthered fans spoke their minds about Danielle Busby. While Season 10 is showing a rough patch for Danielle and Adam Busby, some fans believe it may be following a script. During the second episode, fans see Danielle reach her limit and repeatedly lash out at Adam and sometimes the girls. Is this TLC portrayal of Danielle too much?

Adam And Danielle Busby Are Trudging Through

Although the Busbys are having a bumpy time with their lives in the latest season, fans aren’t sure they are on board. While OutDaughtered shows the stages of raising five quintuplets and an older sister, some seasons are more volatile than others. But episode two shows Adam and Danielle Busby in the trenches. With the quints and Blayke Busby growing fast, it is a crazy place trying to keep up with all the directions each family member is going. Additionally, the quints are having trouble with their school work and Blayke is experiencing the new preteen stages that come with anxiety. All in all, they are juggling a lot of financial, physical, mental, and emotional demands. Although it isn’t a perfect world for them, they are trudging through to find solutions for a very overwhelming time in their lives.

Danielle Busby and Adam Busby from OutDaughtered, TLC, sourced from PEOPLE feature
Danielle Busby and Adam Busby – OutDaughtered

Adam Busby Tries To Meet Danielle Busby’s Standards

When Adam Busby tries to step up and change around his photoshoot, Danielle Busby can’t help but be condescending toward him. Naturally, it is all so clear to her. She sees the calendar view of how his choice creates more logistical issues with her being out of town for Graeson Bee. Furthermore, he even gets flack from the family for not realizing Danielle was going to be in Dallas during the time he rescheduled.

Uncle Dale & Kiki Mills give Adam Busby a hard time about rescheduling a photoshoot - OutDaughtered
Uncle Dale & Kiki Mills give Adam Busby a hard time about rescheduling a photoshoot – OutDaughtered

Additionally, he takes another stab at fixing the problems Danielle is talking about. After his apparent failure with scheduling, he jumps at the chance to be the hero by buying all the school supplies just in the nick of time. However, Danielle emphatically scoffs at his efforts and picks the purchase apart. Undeniably, all she can see is he isn’t measuring up to her standards and it creates more work for her plate that is already spilling over. Neither of them can see the direct solutions. Instead, every attempt leaves both feeling more and more defeated and filled with overwhelm.

Adam Busby tries to save the day by getting school supplies. - OutDaughtered
Adam Busby tries to save the day by getting school supplies. – OutDaughtered

Danielle Busby Spirals

While Danielle Busby’s family and friends are noticing how fast she seems to be unraveling, no one truly knows what to do. But one friend offers some heartfelt advice that she should get counseling to get to the root of her distress. However, she isn’t sure she can fit another thing on her million-mile-long to-do list.

Her friend is worried about her stress level. - OutDaughtered
Danielle Busby’s friend is worried about her stress level. – OutDaughtered

Later in the episode, she reaches her breaking point while sitting in the girls’ closet folding the endless laundry problems by the girls. Furthermore, Adam tries to understand and talk through the irritation. But Danielle is so lost in her overwhelm she can’t help but drown in anger and hopelessness. Although Adam sees his wife slipping further away, he doesn’t have answers on how to fill in the gaps.

Adam and Danielle Busby try to work through their issues. - OutDaughtered
Adam and Danielle Busby try to work through their issues. – OutDaughtered

Fans Wonder If The Episodes Are Following A Script

After watching the latest OutDaughtered episode, fans are wondering if the scenes are following a script. Undeniably, it can be hard to understand someone’s reactions, especially if you haven’t walked a mile in their shoes. On Reddit, one fan says, “Scripted or not, Danielle is too much.” Then they discuss areas they don’t understand about Danielle Busby’s way of dealing with life. Many feel she is complaining without taking action to fix the issues. The poster sees specific ways to address underlying issues in the Busby household. They add, “Your kids are old, teach them to take their underwear out of their clothes, teach them to fold clothes, teach them to do laundry.”

She can't handle all the messes in their house. - OutDaughtered
Danielle Busby can’t handle all the messes in their house. – OutDaughtered

But they also are pointedly critical of Danielle, “The constant nagging yet doing it yourself is hideous.” Notably, the user saw a different way of growing up. Likewise, they say, “My very calm sweet mom had us doing all of that at very young ages. She never yelled. But she parented well.” Furthermore, the Redditor sees another area they could make changes. They suggest, “How about hiring help at the store since it seems empty. Empty enough to drink and visiting while you are ‘working.’”

Fans wonder if the latest OutDaughtered episodes are following a script. - Reddit
Fans wonder if the latest OutDaughtered episodes are following a script. – Reddit

Fans Weigh In

Other fans joined the conversation about Danielle Busby’s actions:

  • “Why can’t Adam teach them to do these things?”
  • “There is no discipline in that house. Alot of sighs from Adam but no help, and really the shop? Other than clothing her own kids, what does it do in business?”
  • “Danielle needs psychological help. I’m worried about her, I truly am.”
  • “Danielle likes to play the martyr role. Much of this could be avoided if she taught the girls to be more independent instead of spoiling them then getting mad when they aren’t responsible. Adam is, understandably, fed up. I don’t see this marriage lasting.”


What do you think about Danielle Busby’s current way of expressing her feelings? Is she too much? Do you think the Redditors are giving good suggestions? Are you eager to see if the Busbys find solutions for their difficulties during this season of OutDaughtered? Drop your comments below.

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