‘OutDaughtered’ Fans Are Stressing After Watching The Busbys

‘OutDaughtered’ Fans Are Stressing After Watching The Busbys

Danielle and Adam Busby - OutDaughtered

Undeniably, the tension for the newest season of OutDaughtered is running high. During the first two episodes, Adam and Danielle Busby are struggling to see eye to eye. While they are sorting through the ins and outs of raising six kids, their marriage is feeling the strain.

Adam And Danielle Busby Are Having A Hard Time

Undoubtedly, the OutDaughtered crew lives a hectic life. The sheer fact eight humans are trying to cohabitate and live satisfying lives is a difficult feat. But the day-to-day is noticeably catching up with Danielle Busby. Although it is completely understandable the to-do lists are overtaking her, it is also showing her overwhelmed feelings bursting at the seams. Unmistakably, she feels the full responsibility of caring for the kids even though she is getting help from Adam.

TLC OutDaughtered - Danielle Busby Is Unhappy With Adam Busby -Via Access Hollywood
TLC OutDaughtered – Danielle Busby Is Unhappy With Adam Busby -Via Access Hollywood

Adam And Danielle Busby Need Help

Admittedly, Danielle Busby is a control freak and has difficulty allowing anyone to help her. Unfortunately, the luxury of doing everything herself has become impossible. Furthermore, when she wants help, she has become very critical of Adam and the way he attempts to meet her standards. However, it is seemingly a lose-lose situation no matter what he tries. Many fans believe Danielle is the villain, but others see that the family is experiencing many levels of stress that have built up over time with unresolved issues.

Busby Quints Struggle With Learning - OutDaughtered - Twitter
Busby Quints Struggle With Learning – OutDaughtered – Twitter

During the second episode of Season 10, Danielle and Adam Busby are looking at options to alleviate some of the life burdens that feel so heavy for them right now. While neither wants to hire help, they are considering how it might benefit them. Adam is striving to pitch in, but is getting backlash from Danielle and even some of the family is jokingly harassing his efforts. Seemingly, he feels defeated and she thinks his inadequacies require her to do everything. In reality, there isn’t enough of either parent to go around. While they are reliant on each other, they are facing a very difficult stage and still troubleshooting how to get through it.

Fans Think The Newest Season Is Stressful To Watch

After the latest episode of OutDaughtered, fans are talking about how stressful it is to watch the Busbys fight it out. Undeniably, every family has ups and downs, but sitting through the episodes with conflict is hard for fans to see. On Facebook, one fan brings up the noticeable issue by saying, “Lots of complaining last two episodes… I look for fun episodes. I’m more stressed out watching this episode … sorry I usually like this show.”

Fans think OutDaughtered is stressful to watch right now. - Facebook
Fans think OutDaughtered is stressful to watch right now. – Facebook

Other fans join the conversation:

  • “I stopped watching, all the arguing.
  • “I feel if they want this show to succeed to focus more on the positive things.”
  • “Talk more about the girls, their favorites, their school activities, their sports, etc. Most of us know all about the ins and outs of marriage.”
OutDaughtered fans make suggestions to the Busbys to ease the overwhelm. - Facebook
OutDaughtered fans make suggestions to the Busbys to ease the overwhelm. – Facebook

Other Fans Support Seeing The Hard Times Along With The Goodtimes

While some fans see Danielle Busby as the problem, others recognize it as the sum of many underlying issues. Even her friend confronts the idea she should seek help during OutDaughtered Season 10 Episode 2. But some people realize it is just a season of her life. Although it may be hard to watch, it is relatable to many people and the Busbys are moving forward even with their flaws.

  • “Oh yes. God forbid their lives aren’t all rainbows and sunshine! It’s called real life!
    Danielle is overwhelmed at the minute, it will pass, and it always goes. But she’s allowed to feel how she feels, and Adam isn’t the world’s best husband and dad at all. Over the seasons he’s had his moments too…..”

What do you think about this season of OutDaughtered? Do you think it is unreasonably stressful to watch? Do you think it should only focus on the good? Are you looking forward to seeing how the Busbys sort through the current problems? Drop your comments below.

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