OutDaughtered: Riley Hits Her Big Sister Blayke! The Latter Calls The Quints “Annoying”

OutDaughtered family kept everyone in the dark while announcing their hiatus from the reality TV realm. But a few days ago, they released the brand new season of the show and took everyone by surprise. Well, Season 9 promises lots of varied storylines and exciting adventures. Apart from the joyous cutesy moments in the show, there will also be some intense yet worrisome moments. The trailer also featured a moment when Riley gets into a fight with her elder sister, Blayke, and they kind of get violent! So, what happened?

OutDaughtered: Blayke & Riley Get Into A Fight! Things Get Handsy

The OutDaughtered trailer was like a breath of fresh air for the fans. They got excited as ever after realizing their favorite family was returning on the TV screens. As the trailer began, Adam and Danielle agreed that the girls were growing up too quickly. They mentioned how things around the house were chaotic and louder than usual, as the quints are eight years old now. Then, there was a scene where Blayke braided Riley’s long blonde hair. After she was done, the elder Busby siblings shared her honest opinion. She told her baby sister that her hair kind of looked “ugly from the back.”

Well, it looked like Riley didn’t like what she heard. She couldn’t help herself but hit Blayke for insulting her hair. So, it again circled back to what Adam and Danielle were saying about the quints growing up and becoming loud. Fans could sense that there’s been a major shift in the family dynamics since the last time they saw the Busbys on screen two years ago. Earlier, Blayke was like the second mother to the girls, but now they had started to pick up fights with her. Hence, their bond would be interesting to explore in OutDaughtered Season 9.


OutDaughtered: Blayke Calls The Quints Annoying!

Apart from calling the girls loud, papa Adam Busby also mentioned they brought in the “sass.” While Riley rebelled against her big sister Blayke, the latter also called her sisters “annoying.” Fans must know that the Outdaughtered child star is four years older than the rest of her siblings. Over the years, everyone had seen little Blayke act more mature than her age and took care of the quintuplets. But as mentioned above, there has been a major shift in that dynamic in these last two years.


There was also a segment in the trailer where the girls decided to give their mom, Danielle, a spa day. Blayke again had a disagreement with the quints regarding who will do their mother’s face. So, there was a lot of commotion in the household. Apart from the sisters, Adam and Danielle are also going to lock horns. They will have issues with one another as the latter would get more involved with their boutique, Graeson Bee. All of it will unfold in the upcoming season. TLC is all set to premiere Season 9 on July 11. Keep an eye on TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest Outdaughtered updates.


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