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Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Shows Off MASSIVE 100-Lb Weight Loss During A Boating Adventure!

Janelle Brown looks slimmer than she has ever looked! This Sister Wives personality has lost a whopping 100 lbs of her body weight in the past few months. She has been spotted with a fitness pink drink that has helped her immensely during her well-being journey. Besides embarking on a fitness journey, Janelle has also started taking some time out to enjoy her life. Recently, she went for her first-ever adventure-filled boat ride and shared about it on her social media. Read further to know more!

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Went For A Wild Boat Ride!

After withdrawing from the polygamous relationship with ex-Kody Brown, Sister Wives star Janelle Brown is now enjoying her life. She has now embarked on her fitness journey. Like her ex-Sister Wives, Janelle also finds chances to share about her life with her fans. She often uploads a glimpse from family get-togethers, her fitness journey, and her adventurous trips. This Sunday, she took onto her Instagram account to share pictures and videos from her recent trip.

In this video, Janelle was seen donning a body-hugging pink top and a hat as she and her friend posed while standing on the boat. Another selfie video featuring the reality TV celeb was also added to the video, besides several photos of people enjoying the water. She also conveyed her amazing experience by adding a caption to her Instagram upload. Janelle started by mentioning that she spent a fun-filled day at Salt Spring. She then added that it was her first time anchoring a boat and spending a day in the water.


Janelle also stated that the trip was relaxing and that she slept well after the adventurous day. Then several fans rushed to the comments of her post. As one of the social media users asked if it was Salt Spring in Florida. To this, the Sister Wives star agreed and added that the place is beautiful and is indeed Florida’s hidden treasure. And several other fans expressed happiness after seeing that Janelle looked joyful and toned down. She has often been observed with Christine drinking and promoting a pink drink.

Sister Wives: Janelle & Christine Caught Trash Talking About Their Common Ex!

Janelle and Christine went on a work trip with Plexus in Nashville. Where these Sister Wives did a lot of activities ranging from attending the event to exploring the city. They even went for a night out where these two, along with Janelle’s daughter Maddie and Christine’s fiance David went out for dinner. Here an insider heard this group trash-talking about their ex-husband Kody Brown

, his current wife, Robyn, and ex-wife, Meri. This deep and agitated conversation was held for almost three hours. However, Janelle left this conversation at 11 at night, for it was getting late. 

sister wives

The magical drink that has helped Janelle shed a massive weight is from the same brand Plexus. She has done a fantastic job losing 100 lbs and following her health journey. The celeb mom even looked snatched in the pictures and videos from her wild boat trip. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for the latest Sister Wives news!


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