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Sister Wives: Truely Brown Finds A New Dad In David Woolley, Displays Cute Father-Daughter Chemistry!

Imagine leaving a 25-year marriage with four other wives and finding your soulmate in a matter of months. That’s the story of Christine Brown, who is now engaged to David Woolley. Since then, the couple has been enjoying their new relationship. They have also been spending time with Christine’s six children, whom she shares with her ex-husband Kody Brown. The Sister Wives star kids love David, who has been incredibly close to her youngest daughter. They recently spent the 4th of July with her children and shared some adorable photos on Instagram. Read on to know how fans reacted to their cute family photo and how David has bonded with Christine’s daughter Truely.

Sister Wives: David Woolley & Truely Brown Celebrate 4th Of July With Entire Family Members

Christine Brown celebrated the 4th Of July with her fiance David and her children in style. The Sister Wives star shared some heartwarming photos of her family on Instagram. They enjoyed the spectacular fireworks display from the vantage point of her balcony. The lovely carousel featured her daughters, Aspyn, Mykelti, Ysabel, Gwendlyn, and Truely, posing happily in their drawing room. In her caption, Christine wrote: “I hope everyone had an incredible Independence Day. The breathtaking view painted the entire valley in a kaleidoscope of vibrant hues.”

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Well, some eagle-eyed Sister Wives fans noticed the sweet bond between David and Truely in the photo as they stand close. The teenager leans on her stepdad’s shoulder with a big smile. Her posture indicates how comfortable she feels around David as they embrace each other. Truely seems to have an intimate bond with Wooley, which no one ever expected. Many fans think that David has captivated her heart with his caring and patient father figure. Woolley has been spending time with Christine’s kids and also joined them in adventures and vacations.

TV Season & Spoilers previously reported how David rescued the teenager when she panicked on top of a hill during a hike. He climbed up to help her and taught her how to climb down safely. Christine previously stated that he’s terrific and kind, unlike her ex Kody Brown. Wolley is also incredible with her children. The couple is having fun with their new relationship and blended family. They have not yet announced a wedding date, but they have hinted at a destination wedding.

Sister Wives: Fans Falls In Love With Truely & David’s Cuddly Photo!

Sister Wives fans love the adorable photo of Truely and David cuddling in Christine’s 4th of July carousel. The former TLC star shared some heartwarming snaps of her family celebrating Independence Day with her fiance, David Woolley. Among the photos, one that stood out was the one of Truely, Christine’s youngest daughter, with Kody Brown, hugging David with a wide smile.

Sister Wives

The photo furthermore showed the sweet bond between David and Truely, who seem to have a close and comfortable relationship. Fans commented that Truely needs a father-daughter bond since her biological father, Kody, is not very involved. One fan wrote: “Well, Kody has many kids, and he’s a horrible father, so that ‘girl dad’ theory falls flat.” Another commented, “Love how Truely is so close to David.” For more exciting news updates, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers.


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