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Sister Wives: David Woolley Pays Price for Christine’s Fame

Sister Wives star Christine Brown is about to marry David Woolley, whose latest family portrait seems to tell the story of his struggle with newfound fame.

Sister Wives: Price of Fame for David Woolley

Up until David Wooley met his “Queen,” Christine Brown, he lived a quiet and unassuming life. But falling in love with the ex-wife of Kody Brown brings all kinds of new things into his life.

Some of these things are good, but some negative aspects also come along with his affiliation with Christine’s fame today. It looks like one of the biggest indicators of family problems regarding his new fame pops out in the photo below.

Sister Wives: David Woolley Family Photo
Sister Wives: David Woolley Family Photo | Instagram

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and it looks like David Woolley’s latest post falls under this category. David sits in the middle of the photo surrounded by his kids and grandchildren.

Christine Brown’s Groom Offers Apology

David Woolley first offers an apology for not letting the Sister Wives fans know who he is yet. He explains that “half of his kids” don’t want anything to do with the spotlight.

So, the reason is obvious as to why only half of his family’s faces show up in the photo above. Being a proud papa of all his kids, he wishes he could show all their faces, but he said that he respects their privacy in this matter.

So, it seems safe to say that Christine’s fame infiltrated his family. It also looks as if the limelight is not welcomed by some of his offspring. While he shared this photo, he also shared a piece of his history that’s extremely sensitive.


Sister Wives: Christine Makes Wife #2 for David

Sadly, David Woolley learned the hard way that nothing is sacred when you become a reality star. As soon as his photos hit the online world with Christine Brown, armchair sleuths got busy.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - David Woolley
Sister Wives | Instagram

Those at-home detectives dug up some of his past and revealed to the masses that in 2012 his wife committed suicide. So, it looks like David had no choice but to address his late wife’s death.

David said that his wife and the mother of his eight children were married for 20 years when “depression got a hold of her.” So for the last 11 years, he’s been a single dad. That is until Christine came along.

Dating in the Past…

While David dated during the past decade, it didn’t amount to much for him. But now, after meeting Christine Brown, his life has changed for the better. She is that famous face from Sister Wives.

He writes that he’s glad to be where he is today. He also said his future looks bright with Christine by his side.


So, while David Woolley is new to fame, it looks like he’s already paid a price for it. Sister Wives fans have questions about Christine’s future husband.

So, having to divulge some sad personal information about his late wife couldn’t have been easy. Plus, his kids seem to be affected by their dad’s new fame as well. Some like it but some of them wish to remain undercover today.

So, while David Wooley has his queen in Christine Brown, he paid a little extra for his future happiness. Although to hear him talk, he thinks she’s worth it.

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