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Sister Wives: Gwendlyn Hints Kody Brown Replaced at Her Wedding?

Sister Wives star Gwendlyn Brown looks like she replaced Kody Brown at her wedding as she said she would a while back. Her famous father from the TLC series didn’t make it into the family photos, suggesting to many fans that he wasn’t there at all.

Sister Wives: Gwendlyn Brown Ties the Knot

Gwendlyn Brown married Beatrice Queiroz in a private ceremony with lots of her loved ones in attendance. While Gwendlyn let her fans know she planned a wedding a few months back, she didn’t reveal the date.

So, when her wedding photos popped up online over the weekend, this was a surprise for her many followers. But this Sister Wives’ wedding has another story to it.


To say the family became fractured over the past few years might be an understatement. Kody’s family imploded and then scattered.

So, another story emerging from Gwendlyn’s wedding day is who was there and who wasn’t.

Gwendlyn’s Family Wedding Photo

It looks like Gwendlyn’s family photos from her wedding tell a story. But the pictures and a few reports on her special day seem to tie up loose ends for Sister Wives fans regarding the guest list.

In the Brown family photo, only three of the Sister Wives’ spouses were in that picture. Kody Brown and Robyn Brown were missing. Their five children were also not in the picture.

Sister Wives: Gwendlyn Brown Family Wedding Photo | Instagram
Sister Wives: Gwendlyn Brown Family Wedding Photo | Instagram

Meri BrownJanelle Brown, and Christine Brown were all there to celebrate Gwendlyn’s nuptials. While most of her siblings were also there, her only biological brother was not.

Gwendlyn made no secret of her disdain for her brother Paedon Brown in the past. So, reports suggest she didn’t invite him to her wedding. But what about Gwendlyn’s father?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Replacement

Gwendlyn called her father a “manipulator” during one of her social media posts. She also said Kody would not be walking her down the aisle.

Beatrice also offered her thoughts on Kody a while back, so it looks like she’s not his biggest fan. Gwendlyn’s spouse doesn’t like the way he treats some of his family members.

So, it seems as if there’s some tension between this Sister Wives daughter and her father. Back when she said she didn’t want Kody to give her away at her wedding, she had a replacement in mind.

Sister Wives: Gwendlyn Brown Family Wedding Photo | Instagram
Sister Wives: Gwendlyn Brown Family Wedding Photo | Instagram

Gwendlyn talked about how her older half-sibling, Logan Brown, often stood in as a father figure for her. She mentioned how he filled in at a father-daughter dance when she was much younger.

Then she also said it would be “cute” if Logan walked her down the aisle at her wedding. Logan, as well as his wife, Michelle Petty, were in that family picture. So, it looks like Gwen may have followed through on that.

Publicity Is Kody’s Middle Name…

Sister Wives rolls out Season 18 on Sunday, August 2o. So, right now any publicity Kody Brown gets, good or bad, works on bringing in the viewers.

With that said, if Kody Brown and Robyn Brown happened to attend the wedding, keeping away from the family portraits would stir up controversy. This works for bringing even more interested viewers to the Sister Wives series.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown
Sister Wives: Kody Brown | TLC

But since it’s Gwendlyn who posts the photos, it’s hard to imagine she’d buy into any of Kody’s publicity stunts. She seems to be a straight-shooter when it comes to revealing the truth about the family despite causing hard feelings.

If Kody really was there, it’s doubtful this bride would leave him out of family photos to shake up the fans. While he may be manipulative regarding publicity, Gwendlyn seems to be very genuine.

Even if her father would not appear in family photos, you can bet she’d at least say he was there. To be fair, Savanah Brown, Maddie Brown Brush, and her husband and kids don’t appear in these photos as well.

So, with Robyn’s kids five missing along with Paedon, Maddie, and Savanah, it looks like a little more than half of her siblings attended, if you go by the photos.

With such a big family, it’s likely hard to get them all together. But the father of the bride, well that isn’t someone you’d expect not to show up especially when the wedding was held in Flagstaff, the town in which he resides.

Sister Wives: View From Kody’s Prospective:

It looks like Kody wasn’t at the wedding. With that said, he may blow a gasket when he sees his daughter’s wedding photos.

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