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Sister Wives: David Woolley Called 911 Multiple Times, Shocking Issue At Home!

Christine Brown is living her dream life after her separation from Kody. The Sister Wives star is engaged to David Woolley, who swept her off her feet after her divorce from the celebrity polygamist. According to the star, he is fantastic and gentle, great with her kids, and a sweet grandpa. But is there a black shadow hanging over their romance? David Woolley has a vast family with different life choices and perspectives. Per reports, he dialed 911 several times in June 2023 for mysterious reasons regarding a family member. What is going on in his family? What emergency broke out? Read on to find out more.

Sister Wives: David Woolley’s Son Goes Missing & Reported To Police

Christine’s fiance David Woolley has a big, blended family that includes eight children from his previous marriage. They are all grown up, some living with him, some away at college, and some with their own families. He also has other children, like his nieces, nephews, and adopted kids. David adores all of his children and wishes to provide a decent life for them. Not long, the Utah native also posted a full-size family photo that showed many unfamiliar faces, including some of his adopted children. His captions read that he was proud of his family and grateful for their support.

However, only some things are running smoothly inside the Wooley residence. Recently, David has been facing some police and judicial involvement. He has called the SOS number 911 multiple times for an emergency. TV Season & Spoilers previously confirmed that David called the cops due to a “juvenile runaway.”


According to the latest information, David called the police for the first time on June 2. He reported that one of his adopted kids ran away from home as well as stated that they couldn’t trace him. The second time, the celeb called the cops on June 7 to report a tobacco violation. Woolley explained that he had caught one of his adopted sons smoking early in the morning. Later on, Christine’s fiance also expressed that he wanted the police to intervene and help him discipline the unruly kid for smoking and fleeing from home.

Sister Wives: David Woolley Files Missing Person Report For Adopted Son!

David Woolley, the fiance of Sister Wives star Christine Brown, has been dealing with a family crisis regarding one of his beloved children. According to TheSun, Woolley filed a missing person report for his adopted son twice in June 2023. His son reportedly ran away from home with “three duffel bags.” Later, the media covered how the kid was rescued from a gas station by one of David’s relatives in Herriman. Afterward, the case was closed, and the reports were removed from the database.

Sister WIves

However, fans of Sister Wives are speculating a different story. According to them, the kid is a potential “drug user” as his father called the cops again for a “tobacco violation.” For some viewers, the calculations are simple. But on the other hand, some fans praised David and complimented his effort to help his troubled son. Consequently, they said he was doing his best and requested others to give them privacy. Keep checking TV Season & Spoilers for all more updates on the topic.


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