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Sister Wives: [Latest Preview] Kody Brown’s Life Crumbles In Season 18 — Downfall Begins!

Kody Brown’s life has changed dramatically in the past years. Sister Wives viewers have seen the happy lives of the Brown family in the past few seasons. However, it’s time to encounter the dark side of the family in the new season. Fans cannot keep calm as they’ll see Kody Brown get a taste of his own medicine. Season 18 will bring more drama, tears, and lots of surprises for the viewers. Well, the network launched another short glimpse of the upcoming season. People cannot stop praising Janelle, Meri, and Christine finally taking a stand for themselves. How did Kody react to this?

Sister Wives: Fans Praise Janelle For Standing Up Against Manipulation!

Sister Wives chronicled the lavish lifestyle of Kody Brown and his polygamous family. He is known for manipulating his wives and children for his good on the show. Now it appears that Janelle is finally done with all the gaslighting. Christine Brown was the first who broke ties with her polygamous husband. She was the third wife of the patriarch and shares six children with him. Kody tried to do everything to save his reputation and his 25 years of marriage. However, all this didn’t stop Christine. She left him and later found true love in David Woolley.

The new Sister Wives teaser showed a nasty fight between Janelle and Kody. In it, the latter tries to gaslight the former that she cheated on him out of his family. However, Janelle thought that her husband was trying to manipulate her, and she wasn’t going to let him do that. Further, the patriarch stormed out of the room, disagreeing with the truth. But Janelle tried to stop him and talk by grabbing his jacket. However, the TLC celeb didn’t stop, and she said f**k you and shouted at the camera to stop.


Fans loved how Janelle shut out her partner for manipulating her. One fan claimed that Kody was the most hated man on TLC with a laughing emoji. Meanwhile, another motivated Janelle and claimed that she was the Sister Wife they wanted to see.

Sister Wives: Christine Reveals The Truth Behind Leahing Kody Brown!

Fans of Sister Wives have seen Christine standing up for herself many times. However, she never opened up about the exact reasons behind her split with the TLC star on the show. In the previous teaser, she taunted Kody about his behavior during a one-on-one session

. The reality TV celeb sarcastically claimed that it would be a waste if he couldn’t look back at their past with a sense of humor. Christine finally shared the truth behind her divorce. 

In the new trailer, Christine claimed that she left Kdoy because “she could see he had favorites.” Fans were quick to understand that she was pointing at Robyn. Meanwhile, Meri also claimed that her husband used to consider her just a friend. Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more updates on all other wives of Kody Brown in the new season.


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