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Sister Wives: Janelle Is Worried About Her Privacy — “They Are Listening”

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown has won many hearts over the years. Her simple and calm personality has created a positive persona, and fans are in love with her. Recently, the celeb again gathered attention with her bold character in the recent trailer of Season 18. Amid all this, viewers couldn’t believe their eyes when Janelle made a shocking revelation on her social media. She posted an unsettling and cryptic video with Maddie and revealed how she suspects that perhaps someone is listening to her all the time now. She further talked about something shocking that happened to her. Is Janelle fine?

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Is Worried About Her Privacy

Janelle Brown has always been open about the dynamics of her life. She is active on social media and keeps her viewers updated regarding the same. The Sister Wives celeb recently took to Instagram and shared a cryptic post. While with her daughter Madison, she explained an unsettling recent experience. As per Janelle, she has started to feel that someone perhaps is listening to her these days. She said that she is always “skeptical” about the fact her “phone” is keeping track of her. It is “listening” to everything that she says. Fans were in literal shock when she further revealed something.

Apparently, Janelle revealed that she is currently living with Madison these days. So, last night, the mother-daughter duo were talking about purchasing a new uniform for the latter’s daughter. Maddie disclosed that she usually prefers to buy clothing from a brand name, “Land’s End.” Her mom clearly mentioned that she wasn’t on her phone during their conversation. But when Janelle got up the next day, she couldn’t believe her eyes as PayPal sent her a coupon for “ten dollars” off Land’s End! The celeb was in literal shock and stated, “They really are listening!.” Janelle seemed to be very sure that there was something on her phone that was surely “listening” to everything!


Sister Wives: Janelle & Maddie Debut Their New Looks!

Ever since she parted ways with Kody, Janelle Brown’s style statement changed drastically. Since then, she even lost a significant amount of extra fat from her body and looks like a different person now. Moreover, the celeb now tries different makeovers and doesn’t even hesitate to flaunt her beauty on social media. On the other hand, fans couldn’t stop gushing over Madison’s new look. She decided to go for curls this time and flaunted her wavy hair, which she usually tends to keep straight. The star kid showed off her wet hair and asked a crucial question to her audience.

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As per Madison, successfully curling one’s hair is like a “part-time” job. She admitted that it is really difficult to maintain curls. However, it is evident that the celeb switched back to her straight hair within no time. Apparently, Janelle’s daughter is a mother of three kids and works for Plexus as well. So there is a fair chance that she wouldn’t get much time to maintain her waves. Yet fans feel that this mother-and-daughter duo is blessed with natural beauty, and they look stunning. Do you also feel the same? Do let us know in the comments. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest Sister Wives tea.


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