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Sister Wives: Fans Are Worried For Robyn’s Daughter Ariella! Why?

Ariella is the youngest child of the Brown family head Kody Brown. She is just seven years old and recently made it to the spotlight after being featured in the preview of the upcoming episode of Sister Wives Season 18. Unfortunately, she has recently been talked about for something not good. Her concerning appearance in the clip also made fans question Kody Brown and Robyn’s parenting style. Additionally, she has raised concern among fans. What could this young girl have done, that is raising both concern and shock among the viewers? Read further to know more!

Sister Wives: Fans Are Concerned For Ariella!

The previously aired episode of Sister Wives featured a lot of chaos and broiling arguments between Kody and Janelle. The latest episode even included a preview for the next week’s episode, which featured a small family gathering for the holidays. The gathering caused even more tension as half of the Brown family, including Kody, Robyn, their kids, and Meri came together to celebrate.

While the former Sister Wives Christine and Janelle celebrated the holidays separately. In the preview, kids oozed with happiness after witnessing a Christmas surprise planned in their living room. The preview had most of the fans hooked when some of them were left disturbed after they saw seven-year-old Ariella with a pacifier. Many fans declared it a bizarre act concerning her age.


This glimpse was taken to a popular online thread. It was captioned “Ariella pacifier… 5-7? Even if this is 2 years old” This promoted several Sister Wives fans to express their opinions. One of them revealed that they had noticed it. They even called it an unacceptable and ridiculous act for a kid of her age. Another internet user blamed Robyn for this by mentioning that she wanted all her kids to act like small babies so that she could easily control them. While several other users called it  “horrifying,” “Yikes,” and “disturbing.”

Sister Wives: Did Kody Smacked Ariella Publicly?

However, Kody is often accused of spending more time with his ‘favorite’ wife Robyn, and her kids, but things do not look all smooth and shiny among them. For this was not the first time when Kody was slammed for bad parenting. Earlier, in June, an incident was reported in Wyoming, wherein Kody is believed to hit his youngest kid in public. The incident took place when the Brown family patriarch, along with his wife Robyn and their kids, went to a museum. The couple asked their son Dayton to look after his youngest sibling, but he got distracted while having a conversation with fans who recognized him.

Then, a blogger, Katie Joy, reported that Ariella found a baby and started waving at him. This incident made Kody angry, who scolded her and asked her to move away from the kid’s face. However, the kid’s family assured him it was fine, but Kody continued scolding her, followed by taking her aside to hit her for not behaving properly. Although the incident is not confirmed by the castmates, but fans have believed it. Do you believe the reported incident? Pen down below. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for the latest Sister Wives news!


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