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Sister Wives: Christine Brown Has Special Guests For Christmas In UTAH, Kody Not Allowed To Visit?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown has been living her life on her own term, and fans can see that too. After leaving the plural marriage, the now-single mother is looking for a new bond. Well, why couldn’t she when her former husband had four wives before the couple’s split? So, she invited a few special guests to the Christmas party. Naturally, fans seem curious as to who they are. But to your surprise, her younger daughter Truely appears to like their company. Keep reading to find out.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Invites Special Guests For Her Christmas Party!
After she dumped her husband, with whom he shares six children, Christine now seems happier than before. You can see a different glow on her face too. Further, she finally started taking care of herself. Well, throughout the show, fans have seen her crying and begging for a functional marriage. But poor Christine never got what she desired, which ultimately spoiled everything. TV Season & Spoilers highlights that finally, she’s out of her toxic relationship and ready to enjoy her Christmas party with some special people.

She recently posted a picture of her kids enjoying a dance party in Avalon’s play area. There she unvieled her special guests, who are none other than her three beauties. Ysabel, Mykelti, and baby Avalon joined Truely and Christine during Christmas. Well, everyone looks so jubilant to share some quality time together. Fans were surprised to see Ysabel as she had been living far away in North Carolina for her studies. Christine seemed pretty happy this festive season, and fans are glad that Kody isn’t around to spoil anyone’s mood.


Sister Wives: Is Kody Allowed To Visit His Kids?
As you can see, Christine is enjoying her Christmas with her daughters and mother. But, there’s no sign of Kody. Fans think that it’s highly likely that he won’t show up to meet Christine and their kids. Well, after she dumped him, things became a little critical between them. Further, many fans speculate they are having a legal battle for custody of their kids. But the avid viewers didn’t feel it was coming as he barely saw his elder kids. Though he’s in touch with Truely and Ysabel, he never interferes in his older kids’ matters.

So, several rumors said that perhaps he wouldn’t be allowed to meet his grandchildren. TV Season & Spoilers has already discarded such rumors because as per Christine, the couple will continue to be a strong presence in their kids’ life. That means there won’t be any legal custody battle. Besides, their marriage wasn’t legal but only spiritual. Further, Kody said that though they are now separated, they would continue as committed partners. Thus, it seems the pair would co-parent their kids and continue to interfere in each other life.

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