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Sister Wives: Janelle Wants Kody’s ‘Hot’ Body – He Brings Her Poetry

Sister Wives stars Kody Brown and Janelle Brown offered up bizarre tidbits that left jaws dropped after watching those two in action on Sunday night’s episode of the TLC series. Viewers thought this shared husband was either clueless when speaking with his second wife. Or they edited the scenes to make him look that way.

But one thing was heard loud and clear, Kody considers himself quite the stud. And on top of that, he thinks Janelle Brown is missing his good looks and tight abs. So, she’s talking about how she misses their conversations and laughter together. But, he’s talking, about how she’s yearning for his body.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Mows Over Janelle Brown

Janelle Brown raised a few eyebrows herself on Sunday’s episode. Especially when she shared on camera that she misses Kody Brown in her bed.  Considering the train of thought around Janelle put her as Kody’s cerebral wife. So, this surprised many Sister Wives fans.


Through the years, fans heard how they talked about worldly affairs, and that pillow talk wasn’t their thing. But Kody Brown revealed that these two experienced something together not so long ago. It sounded like he was running around after Janelle Brown reciting poetry to her. All this was learned over that very odd lunch meeting they had.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Kody Brown | TLC
Sister Wives | TLC

But it didn’t matter what Janelle was trying to say to Kody Brown. All he could do was talk about how Christine Brown had done him wrong.

This is the part that fans jumped all over. As far as many viewers were concerned this was just a slap in the face to Janelle every time Kody brought up Christine.

What Kody Heard from Janelle?

That luncheon date was a farce, as far as many Sister Wives fans were concerned. She tried to talk about the nuts and bolts of their marriage. But Kody saw this as Janelle only interested in his body. The tweet below mirrors many of the fans’ thoughts today online.



The Sister Wives patriarch said to the camera, “Janelle’s not in love with me. ” Then he continued with, I think she thinks I’m hot. I’ve got nice pecs and a great six-pack abs, but that’s all she’s interested in.”

So, it’s safe to say he didn’t seem to take in what his wife was saying. Instead, he sounded as if he felt like she was using him for pleasure. This is probably far from what’s on Janelle’s mind, she’s trying to find a way to salvage their marriage. But with Kody seeing it differently, it looked like a lost cause to fans.

Sister Wives: Not the Couple Fans Thought They Were?

When the viewers of this series picture Janelle and Kody in a scene together, it’s probably not any type of romance that they conjure up. But there’s a reason for this. For years the Sister Wives audience was told that this couple is more like best buddies.

It was always Christine whom the fans considered the romance seeker. But not Janelle Brown and their shared hubby. Although they did have six kids together, it wasn’t always just chit-chat they shared.


While the fans knew that Kody had a vein of vanity running through him. That was easy to see.  All you had to do was watch his hair-care ritual to figure that out. Sister Wives aired clips of him in the bathroom fluffing, blow-drying, and crimping his hair on a few occasions.

But in Sunday’s episode fans heard something new out of Kody Brown’s mouth. He honestly thinks that Janelle misses his pecs and abs. But Janelle said there’s one thing that her husband is missing, and that is the boat. Janelle Brown said Kody Brown really missed the boat on this one.

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