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Sister Wives: Fans Wonder If Building On Coyote Pass Property Was Just A ‘Pipe Dream’ Of Kody!

Fans always wanted to watch Kody and his Sister Wives building on their family property and living close to each other. However, Christine, Janelle, and Meri ended up leaving the dynamics, which shattered the dream of the patriarch and the audience as well.

But viewers were shocked to realize that perhaps Kody never had a concrete plan for living on Coyote Pass. Recently, some eagle-eyed fans caught him confessing that building on the family property was just a ‘pipe dream’ for him, and he was perhaps never really sure about the idea! Is this true?

Sister Wives: Was Building A House On Coyote Pass Property Just A ‘Pipe Dream’ For Kody?

Janelle Brown from Sister Wives burned the midnight oil to save funds for building her dream house on Coyote Pass property. She was determined to live close to her family and even started living in an RV because of the same. But it seems that Kody perhaps never had the same zeal.


Recently, some viewers observed something really shocking, which hinted at the same. Soon, a Reddit thread with the title, “Kody just admitted it! Maybe?” started and wondered if Kody’s plan of building the family property was just a ‘pipe dream.’

As per the thread, Kody and Janelle sat down together in a restaurant and discussed the future. Amid their conversation, the former stated, “We have to house our children there for the next 15 years!!.” This made the OP wonder if the patriarch never had a concrete plan for building on the Coyote Pass property, and perhaps it was just a mere “pipe dream.”

A user wrote, “I have a feeling they won’t be in that house for the next 15 years.” The fan further added, “Once TLC cancels the show, I see poverty.” Another one added, “I caught that as well. He has zero intention of building.” Someone explained that it was only Janelle who actually wanted to live on Coyote Pass and not Kody!

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Still Owns $170k Coyote Pass Property! Didn’t Sell It To Kody?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown was the first one to leave Kody and Coyote Pass property share as well. She sold that off to the latter for just $10 and took a backstep from the chaos. However, it seems that Janelle isn’t thinking of walking in the footsteps of her bestie. She still hasn’t sold her part of the family property to Kody.


Recently, some sources confirmed that Janelle has her name on the records of Arizona with her estranged husband. This clearly means that Janelle still owns $170k Coyote Pass land and perhaps isn’t planning to give that up easily.


But it seems that carrying on with Coyote Pass property would have been a tough decision for Janelle. During Season 18, she admitted to being financially stuck. The celeb cried her heart out while she explained that she is “trapped” with the Browns and feels “depressed” now.

Janelle revealed that she is 50 and all her deeds are with the family property. She admitted that she didn’t even think that any of the Browns would cooperate with her in the dynamics and wondered how she ended up in such an ugly situation. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest Sister Wives tea.


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