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Sister Wives: Robyn Caught Spinning Web by All 3 Co-Wives?

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown got quite the critique from her co-wives on the latest episode of the TLC series and some fans are still cheering today. Two of the wives have shared their problems regarding the youngest wife for a while now. But one remained quiet about anything negative when it came to Kody Brown’s favorite wife. But not anymore.

Sister Wives: Original Three Brides Offer Their Truth About Robyn Brown

Robyn Brown has what each of these wives once wanted and maybe some still do. Kody Brown adores her to the point that his other wives think he can’t see straight. But one of his biggest mistakes is that he keeps throwing her in the faces of the other wives.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown
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Christine Brown has shared her disillusions about her husband’s favorite wife for a while now. Then Janelle Brown opened up with her grievances over wife number four ever since Sister Wives Season 18 started. But Meri Brown seemed more reserved, that is until now in this new season.


The truth as seen through the eyes of the original three wives continues to seep out and more is on the way. But perhaps the biggest surprise was Meri, who heard Robyn say one thing, but she saw it a different way and said so on Sister Wives this week.

Robyn Becomes Her Own Worst Enemy

Robyn said she had no idea there were problems between Kody and Christine while the third wife was packing up to leave. Now she claims she had no idea what was happening between Janelle and their shared husband.

Both Janelle and Christine told it like they saw it on this week’s Sister Wives. Janelle is tired of the fourth wife playing that same old card that she had no idea what happened. Plus, both women refuse to bend when it comes to her as Kody seems to want them to do.



He told both Janelle and Christine that his relationship with them is contingent on how they treat Robyn Brown. This did not fly well with either one.

Then, when Meri sits and listens to Robyn, she blames the mess this family is in on Christine leaving. She then goes on and on about how Kody still talks about Meri living on Coyote Pass.

So, not only does Meri say this isn’t Christine’s fault, but she also has issues with other things Robyn is saying. It looks as if she doesn’t believe her about their shared husband wanting her on Coyote Pass. She also listens to Robyn say how they have to stick together.

However, Meri Brown tells the Sister Wives camera that Robyn made no effort to contact her while they all sat at home due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Sister Wives: No Redeeming Qualities for Fourth Wife?

Kody Brown is all about Robyn Brown and what makes her happy. From listening to the three original Sister Wives brides talk about his youngest bride, it’s easy to see a theme forming.


Fans of the Sister Wives show saw each of the other wives tell what they believe is the truth about Robyn Brown. From what Janelle and Christine said, Robyn stirs the pot then steps back and swears she knew nothing about it.

Then Meri did something you don’t often see her do. She contradicted what her co-wife said. She can’t fathom Kody saying what Robyn reports, that he wants Meri with them on Coyote pass. Likewise, she also listened to her go on about being someone who cares about the family.

But then Meri said Robyn doesn’t reach out to her. So, from what the fans gathered from the last episode to air, Robyn Brown says one thing and does another. Plus one of her biggest problems is Kody Brown as he continues to shove Robyn Brown in their face.

None of this was a surprise to the Sister Wives fans. But what was astounding was hearing all three of the original brides critique Robyn Brown for the cameras in a negative light. This just offers evidence to fans that they called the shots correctly all along on this TLC series.

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