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Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown hints at split from husband Kody after revealing ‘dealbreaker’ following brutal exchange

ROBYN Brown has expressed deep satisfaction with her husband Kody, and it might just be a “dealbreaker.”

Kody, 54, sat down with his first wife Meri, 52, and his fourth wife Robyn, 44, to discuss the future of Meri’s businesses.

Robyn Brown opened up about her marriage to husband Kody during Sunday night's episode
Robyn Brown opened up about her marriage to husband Kody during Sunday night’s episodeCredit: TLC
Robyn revealed she was 'so frustrated' with Kody that it could be a 'dealbreaker'
Robyn revealed she was ‘so frustrated’ with Kody that it could be a ‘dealbreaker’Credit: Facebook

Meri revealed she planned on moving her clothing business back to Utah, leaving Robyn alone with their husband.

In an effort to keep the family together, Robyn hoped Kody would encourage Meri to stay in Flagstaff, Arizona, with them.

Unfortunately, her plan did not succeed, and Kody revealed that he didn’t want that kind of “pressure” from Robyn.


In a confessional, Robyn said: “There’s a lot that’s been going down with our family, and it’s been very frustrating to watch.”

She went on to say that she has no power and influence over the situation, and it’s frustrating to see Kody push Meri away when “she’s still trying to hang on.”

She’s trying to give Meri hope that they can continue to be a plural family, but she says Kody won’t help her.

Through tears, Robyn continued: “It’s very frustrating, and some days it feels like a dealbreaker.”

Throughout the show, Robyn was clear that she wanted a plural family, but with Meri leaving for Utah, it looks like her dream on Sister Wives has been crushed.



Fans of the TLC show on X, formerly known as Twitter, called Robyn out for “fake crying.”

“Here goes Robyn with the fake crying. She knows she finally has it her way,” one person wrote.

Another said: “Oh Robyn shut up! Stop with the act already! It’s ridiculous! No tears Robyn is such a fake.”

“Robyn, you cry a million times in one scene,” a viewer raged.

Someone added: “And now it’s a dealbreaker that it’s falling apart. She came in with all her baggage.

“The family dynamic completely changed because of her baggage, and she’s shocked things fell apart?!”


Last week, Robyn was slammed by critics for her comments about her ex-sister wife Christine, 51.

The television personality sat down with Meri for a discussion about their once-shared husband.

In the clip, Robyn claimed that Kody was struggling, and blamed Christine for his emotions.

Christine was the first of the wives to leave the family, announcing her split from Kody in November 2021.

In the clip, Robyn told Meri: “What Christine has done has… messed him up. And he doesn’t want to admit it, but it’s the truth. Christine totally just destroyed his past.”

While Robyn pinned the blame on Christine, fans in the comment section were quick to turn things back on Robyn and Kody.

One person said at the time: “Robin, Christine didn’t do anything to that man. I mean she should have walked away a long time ago, the last straw should have been when he didn’t show up for his child’s surgery.

“Kody needs to look at himself in the mirror. #thedisrespect.”

In the episode, even Meri didn’t believe that Christine was to blame for all of Kody’s emotional turmoil.

Robyn desperately wanted Kody to care that Meri was leaving Flagstaff
Robyn desperately wanted Kody to care that Meri was leaving FlagstaffCredit: TLC
When Kody didn't ask Meri to stay, Robyn broke down in tears
When Kody didn’t ask Meri to stay, Robyn broke down in tearsCredit: TLC
Many fans online thought Robyn faked the tears
Many fans online thought Robyn faked the tearsCredit: TLC

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