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Sister Wives: Robyn Is Pressurizing Kody To Reconcile With Meri — He Feels “Uncomfortable”

Kody, Robyn, and Meri Brown are the only three left in the polygamous arrangement of the family in Sister Wives Season 18. Till now, they have been struggling with Janelle and Christine’s decisions to exit from the family. Now, Meri wants to relocate to give her business more time in Utah.

She is planning to move her clothing brand to her Utah Inn for better management of the business. However, things are tense between the trio as Meri decides to move out. Robyn doesn’t want her only friend to move away from Flagstaff.

Fans of the show know how dearly she wanted to live in a plural family. Now, it appears that Robyn Brown is hurt by her husband’s ways of handling the situation. Will she leave Kody?


Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Express Dissatisfaction Over Kody’s Cold Behavior Towards Meri!

Meri and Kody’s relationship dynamics are far away from anyone’s understanding. The former has been living with her former husband without any efforts from the latter’s side. Finally, Meri decided to move out by relocating to Utah for business purposes.

But Robyn Brown has been hoping for her husband to make an effort to save the plural family. Recently, the trio sat down to discuss Meri’s decision. Unfortunately, Kody Brown didn’t make any effort to stop his first wife.

However, Robyn has been hoping for the pair to find at least a ray of hope between the estranged couple. Kody believes that his fourth wife was pressuring him to stop Meri. But he has made sure that he doesn’t need that kind of pressure from her.

Sister Wives

Finally, Robyn claimed, “It’s very frustrating. And some days, it feels like a deal breaker.” She went ahead to express her frustration on seeing her husband pushing Meri away. Kody’s fourth wife believes that Meri is still trying to hold on, but Kody won’t help her stay back.


Well, it looks like her dream of living in a plural family got crushed after Kody and Meri’s latest conversation. But Robyn always wanted Meri to have hope in the relationship. Now Sister Wives fans will have to wait to see if she will become successful in stopping Meri from moving out.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Fears Robyn Will “Loose Respect” For Him As She Stood Up For Meri!

Kody and Robyn are currently the only Sister Wives stars with a good relationship. The former always preferred his fourth wife because she obeyed him and never doubted his actions. Now, it appears that the patriarch fears losing her, too.

Recently, Robyn decided to support Meri Brown and pressured her husband to stop her from moving out. But the dad-of-eighteen doesn’t like Robyn putting efforts to help Kody reconcile with Meri. He thinks that his fourth wife is trying to become an advocate for his first wife.


Also, he admits that they were making him uncomfortable. Further, Kody stated, “I’m afraid if I abandon these women, then she’ll (Robyn) lose respect for me.” Do you think Kody and Robyn will bicker more about Meri’s decision? Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers to know more updates about Kody and Robyn’s relationship on Sister Wives.


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