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‘Sister Wives’ Fans Call Kody Brown Out For HUGE Lie

Kody Brown/YouTube

Sister Wives fans are calling Kody Brown out for a huge lie but what has the father of eighteen fabricated? He is known for not being completely honest or for saying what he thinks is true. Read on for more details on this situation regarding his web of lies.

Sister Wives Fans Call Kody Brown Out For HUGE Lie

Kody Brown says many things and often angers his family and fans of the show. In a recent episode, he called his kids jerks which was extremely disturbing. More so, he has called his former second wife, Janelle Brown a gaslighter when it seems quite the opposite. Now, it seems he has been called out for a huge lie but what did he say this time? According to The Sun, fans caught the Sister Wives patriarch and then promptly called him out. A clip was posted by TLC about the idea of having a favorite wife.

Sister Wives/YouTube
Sister Wives-YouTube

Former third wife, Christine Brown has been very open about leaving the family because of Kody’s favoritism toward Robyn Brown. He has been almost exclusively with his fourth wife since the pandemic but his feelings for her and her five kids were apparent prior. As the family is chatting individually in their confessionals, first wife, Meri says having a favorite does not work. Christine adds: “I’d seen some plural families when there was a favorite and I’m like, ‘That’s not okay.’” Janelle agrees with Meri, noting Kody can’t have a favorite.


“He has to grow beyond his normal selfish capacity and be able to love all of these women in their own way and give them adequate time and connection,” she continues. Finally, it is time for Kody Brown’s take on favoritism and plural marriage. He believes that it really boils down to loyalty which he has said about Robyn a plethora of times. That is really what makes a favorite but fans went in on him. One follower wrote: “They’re women, not dogs, Kody. Loyalty and respect go hand-in-hand and it is earned when it is given.”

The Beating Continues

Sister Wives fans had no problems continuing to go in on Kody Brown. They felt that he did not mean loyal but rather “subservient” which he has also called Robyn. Others said he has been monogamous since he and Robyn got together. Essentially, he has always maintained he never had a favorite wife. Yet, here Kody is, blatantly saying why he has a favorite wife and alluding to who it is. Mainly because he has stated that Christine and Janelle were disloyal and he does not care for Meri.

Do you think Kody just cannot be honest with himself that he only has eyes for Robyn? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.


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