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‘Sister Wives’ What’s Really Going On With Robyn & Logan Brown?

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What is really going on between Sister Wives stars Robyn Brown and Logan Brown? Logan is the eldest child of Kody Brown’s estranged second wife, Janelle Brown. Yet, it seems that Robyn has recruited him to do some of her dirty work. Why is that? Read on for more details.

Sister Wives What’s Really Going On With Robyn & Logan Brown?

One of the biggest dramas and controversies for Season 18 has been the Christmas group chat. The Brown children have always chosen a name and done a sibling gift exchange. Somehow, Robyn Brown inserted herself, felt it was not safe for her children, and removed them. She then asked Janelle’s son, Logan Brown, and Christine Brown’s daughter, Mykelti Brown Padron to do her dirty work. Robyn wanted the two of them to tell the other kids that her kids were no longer involved in the exchange. Mykelti Brown makes sense as she is very close to her dad and Robyn but why Logan?

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He does not seem to be particularly active in their lives or come to visit much that people know of. Therefore, why did he have to deliver this news? Why could she just not have asked Mykelti to send a group text on her own and let that be that? A Reddit thread was started to discuss this whole situation because it is awfully peculiar. The OP asked this: “Anyone else surprised to hear that Robyn asked Mykelti and Logan to inform the rest of the OG siblings that she didn’t want to talk to them anymore?”

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They were not shocked by Mykelti Brown but they did want to know the relationship between Robyn and Logan Brown. One noted that Logan had played the father role to Janelle’s other children so she just figured that he would be the best bet. Another agreed and added: “That’s what I thought as well. She knows full well the other kids look up to Logan and so she gave him that task. They mentioned that Mykelti send the text, so I’m assuming that Logan refused to do it.”

More Speculation

Yes, Logan Brown was more of a father to the kids, even Christine Brown’s. Her daughter, Gwendlyn Brown said he was there to take her to dances as a child. She even shared that if her father would not walk her down the aisle maybe she would ask Logan. One Redditor believed that Logan has always been pretty level-headed so his siblings respect him enough to deliver this news. They also added that Robyn is a user and it was noted she has the “maturity of a middle-schooler.”

In the end, it does not seem Robyn and Logan are particularly close, she just used him for his good relationship with his siblings. Either way, it still stung and hurt. Do you think she was wrong to use him and Mykelti Padron like that? Let us know in the comments below and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.


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