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Sister Wives: Kody Not to Blame – True Love Came Too Late?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown finally confessed on his TLC series that his youngest wife is the love of his life, but he met her many years after taking on three wives and having 13 kids. So, what’s a fella to do?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown’s Ego Drove the Bus

Kody Brown let his life become an open book for the viewers of his reality series. Veteran Sister Wives fans watched his journey from a young father and husband to who he’s become today.

For some fans, this man became a monster. That’s due to the way he treats the women he’s been married to for a quarter of a century. But to a small group of Sister Wives fans, he shouldn’t get all the blame for the demise of his three marriages.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown
Sister Wives | TLC

Some Sister Wives fans take into consideration what they’ve learned about Kody Brown. Back several seasons ago, Kody Brown brought his four wives to meet his childhood friends.

The group of men and women ribbed him about having four wives. But they seemed to understand why he did this from what they remember about him as a teen.

Back in school, they said Kody needed to be the center of attention. So, collecting wives lets him carry on with that behavior. They seemed to think his ego drove the bus for having more than one wife to adore him.

One Mother, One Father…

Kody Brown’s parents didn’t become polygamous until later in life. So, Kody spent his childhood with one set of parents. He was a teenager when his parents, William (Winn) Brown and Genielle Brown, started their polygamous lifestyle.


By the age of 24, Kody had three of his Sister Wives brides already. So, he was young. But, going back to what his friends suggest, his ego may have played a big part in this. Kody loved attention, according to his friends, which you can check out in the video below.

Christine Brown was by Kody’s own description, “like royalty” in their church, as her ancestors have deep roots in their religion. So, when she wanted into the family, this spoke to his ego. This was something that Kody admitted on the screen.

Both Janelle Brown and Christine Brown asked him if he would marry them. He made a big deal out of this recently on the Sister Wives show. He seemed to use this fact as an excuse for why he doesn’t treat them the way he treats Robyn Brown.

That had to inflate his ego a bit, two women wanting to join his family. Especially since he saw Christine as someone special within their religion. He did say he was quite taken with her background which was a plus for marrying her.

When he married Meri Brown, the two only dated for six months before their wedding day. As his first wife, the two agreed upon a polygamous lifestyle, as she grew up with several moms.


So, he was a young guy, collecting wives, and it’s possible his ego played into this, as his friends seem to suggest. But fans didn’t need to hear it from his childhood pals, they witnessed the inflation of his ego on the Sister Wives screen.

Sister Wives: Kody Meets Love of His Life

Fans often comment on how immature Kody Brown can be at his age today. So, at 24, when he had his original three wives all under one roof, he was likely even more immature than he is today.


While all three of his original wives often said how much they loved him, Kody had a different story. He loved these three ladies differently. And… very differently than his love for Robyn.

One wife he loved because she was his “fun wife,” that’s Christine. One was like his best buddy, which is what he said about Janelle. At the time, he saw Meri as a loyal and genuine wife, which summed up his love for these women.

Then a decade and a half later, when Kody was the dad of 13 kids, Robyn Brown entered the picture. This woman he loved for many reasons. Today he calls it “loyalty.” But he couldn’t hide it from his three wives, his adult kids, or even the audience. Kody loves Robyn in a way that he doesn’t love the other three brides.

Not His Fault?

Again there’s a group of fans who still stick up for Kody. They think he found Robyn and the heart wants what the heart wants. Sure, but he has 18 kids, in which 13 of them seem to pay the price for his revelation about the love of his life.

Plus, instead of manning up to his feelings and asking for an amicable split from three wives, he pushed them to leave him. That again sounds like his ego getting in the way. He said that he couldn’t leave the wives, but they could leave him. If he initiated a split from any of his wives, he thought that he would be a failure in Robyn’s eyes.

But as Sister Wives fans watched, they saw that Kody found other ways of asking for a divorce. That’s by pushing the women to leave… and from where the viewers sit, that is just what he did.

Yes, Kody Brown couldn’t help falling in love with Robyn. But he didn’t need to blame his wives and kids. Many fans think that he’s done his best to push everyone away except for Robyn and her kids.

Now that this plays out on the TLC series, it’s evident the kids are the ones who really suffer. So, for those who say it’s not all his fault, well others find that hard to swallow. Especially after hearing from the kids how painful it’s been with their father ignoring them while being a father to Robyn’s kids.

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