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Sister Wives: The 8 Worst Things Kody’s Kids & Exes Have Said About Him Ranked

Sister Wives: The 8 Worst Things Kody’s Kids & Exes Have Said About Him Ranked

Offscreen, Sister Wives’ star Kody Brown’s feeling bitter and alienated. Onscreen, it isn’t much different. The patriarch gets a lot of shade.


  •  Sister Wives season 18 reveals Kody Brown facing backlash from his exes and children. They’re exposing his flaws as a husband and father.
  •  Kody favors Robyn, and this has caused resentment.
  •  Kody’s questionable spending habits and lack of support for his trans child make him seem like a villain.

Sister Wives season 18 star Kody Brown’s used to getting vicious hate from fans, but he’s also been attacked by his nearest and dearest. In the ongoing installment, he’s getting grilled by his ex and soon-to-be exes (onscreen, Christine and Janelle Brown left him, and Meri’s destined to do the same). While some of the shade’s new, the Brown women have sounded off in the past, and so have Kody’s own children. He deserves some of the insults, but that doesn’t mean that the comments aren’t brutal.

In Sister Wives season 18, Kody’s finding out what it’s like when it all falls apart. He’s had problems before, but it’s never been this bad. Kody sees enemies everywhere because the Brown women and their children are finally getting real about him. They’re talking about what he’s like as a husband and a father. Their feedback isn’t positive, and Kody’s sensitive. Only Robyn really knows how to handle the touchy patriarch. The pressure’s taking its toll. In fact, Kody seems to be unraveling onscreen. He’s all about Robyn, but that doesn’t mean that he wants to be put down. His ego is fragile.


8“I’m glad she left Kody”

Sister Wives' Kody Brown, with Meri Brown and Robyn Brown, looking serious

Paedon aimed this blistering quote right at Kody. He was talking about Christine’s decision to end her spiritual union with Kody. Christine had issues for years before she made this pivotal move. Consumed with jealousy, she wouldn’t even befriend her rival. She didn’t trust Robyn, and there was the whole envy thing. Of all the wives, Christine showed her jealousy the most. She’s very in touch with her feelings, and doesn’t like hiding who she is. When she did let her emotions out, it made no difference. Kody was already set in his ways, and unwilling to change for her sake.

Since Kody favored Robyn for years, and the other wives were left out in the cold, it’s not such a shock that Christine eventually bailed out. She was so frustrated by the unfairness. reality TV show star Kody would never acknowledge the truth, which is the fact that he emotionally checked out of his relationships with his non-Robyn spouses long ago. His rejected wives tried to get love and attention, but they failed. Adding insult to injury, he’d project his flaws onto those long-suffering women.

7“Never apologize for having high standards, People who really want to be in your life will rise up to meet them”

Meri Brown montage from sister wives one close up serious expression

Meri’s the queen of “cryptic.” For years, she’s tried to stir up intrigue on social media, via an endless array of shockingly transparent “cryptic” posts. Sharing her views on Kody without ever naming him’s her specialty. While some of her content may not be cryptic, so much of it obviously is. In Sister Wives season 18, she’s still trying to work things out with Kody, Meri added the quote above via her Instagram Stories. Of course, it seemed like she was directing her venom at Kody. Apparently, he was wholly unwilling to meet her, “high standards.”


Why she would fight this losing battle for so long’s really hard to understand. Yes, offscreen, she left him, but during the season, she still seems to cling to hope. That was an exercise in futility. Kody didn’t actually say, “I don’t like you,” but he did everything else to communicate that unspoken thought. Like Meri, he got “cryptic” by showing his feelings without saying them outright. In fact, he and Robyn seem committed to humiliating Meri whenever they can. Meri thinks Robyn’s her friend, but she may want to think again. Robyn’s a backstabber.

Robyn seems like a confidante, but this is a woman who probably always wanted monogamy. Robyn recently shared with the public that she thinks Kody will be disrespecting her if he takes another wife. The whole time, she may have been playing the other women, with the goal of getting Kody all to herself in mind. That means she was playing Meri, too.

Remember when she stage-whispered that Kody should give Meri a S’Mores during a family BBQ? Of course, she whispered loudly enough that Meri could hear. Meri looked so embarrassed. That’s because her spouse needed to be prompted by another woman. Recently, Kody suggested that Meri move into a converted barn. It was sad to watch her expression while Kody shared his idea. It clearly made her feel very bad.

6“He’s Been Spending All Of Their Money”

Sister Wives’ Gwendlyn Brown and Kody Brown looking shocked

Gwendlyn Brown has a little of Kody’s “in your face” attitude – she’s not a shy person. Some of Kody’s kids are more reserved, like Gabriel Brown. Gwendlyn enjoys the spotlight, and that’s why she has her own YouTube channel. At YouTube, she can make money while she vents about her father Kody. During one rant, she went for the jugular, calling out Kody. She said he’s been spending all of their cash. She complains about his, “crazy spending,” characterizing him as irresponsible.

In season 18, some of Kody’s other kids have complained that he spends a lot of money on Robyn and their kids. They feel that he gives Robyn and their children more love and attention too. There may be some truth to the fact that Kody overspends, as he and Robyn live in a house in Flagstaff that’s reportedly worth nearly a million dollars. Kody’s also been spotted in fancy jewelry, including a pendant by David Yurman. In the new installment, he’s wearing a bold ring that looks costly. While he probably earns good money, Kody may be living beyond his means.


5“No true man of the house”

Sister Wives Paedon, Christine and Kody

Paedon and Gwendlyn tend to be the most vocal critics of their father. They’re young, and someday, they may regret being so harsh. However, they’ve grown up in the spotlight, and that means that they’re used to speaking their minds in front of audiences. For that reason, it’s understandable that they take to social media to gripe about the famous patriarch. When Paedon said that Kody’s “no true man of the house,” it was a direct hit at Kody’s image. He’s all about the patriarchy and being in charge.

There’s likely nothing that Paedon could say that would hurt his father more. Kody’s insecure about the way he’s led the family. He’s not sure that he’s the problem, but he feels it when he’s insulted. While the patriarch’s low on self-awareness, Kody’s got a thin skin. He’s not impervious to what people say. In fact, one of his biggest hurdles as a parent is the fact that he takes every negative word to heart. It’s difficult for a person to get past problems when that kind of unpleasant feedback’s running through their mind.

To stop feuding, Paedon and Kody need to forgive each other, but there’s bad blood, and they aren’t there yet. They may never get there. However, there’s always hope.

4“Leon has given themselves space for their emotional health”

leon brown sister wives smiling

Kody got dragged by Gwendlyn again over another one of his kids, Leon Brown. Leon’s trans, and Kody hasn’t been supportive of their journey. Apparently, Kody’s lack of understanding really hurt Leon, as Gwendlyn claimed that Leon wanted distance from the patriarch, for the sake of their, “emotional health,” as per Gwendlyn’s YouTube.

Another shocking quote came from a source that talked to The U.S. Sun. They said, “Kody does not support Leon’s transition at all.” If that’s true, it’s shameful, as parents should love their children unconditionally. They shouldn’t expect them to conform in order to get love. If Kody has been negative about Kody’s journey, it’s good that Leon got some space. While Leon doesn’t post a lot online, they are clearly striving for happiness. Leon’s a strong person who was brave enough to transition even though a lot of Sister Wives fans are Christians who believe that’s wrong.

The transition wasn’t rebellion though. It was just about being who they really are. Kody often plays a part, but Leon’s honest. Kody could take lessons from his trans child.

3“I was really just kind of hoping that he would care a little bit more”

Meri Brown montage from Sister Wives meri with two different expressions

In the series’ current installment, Meri never seems to wake up. She’s constantly waiting for Kody to say he cares, as the quote above shows. While she’s left him offscreen, her journey to that point was extremely turbulent. Meri’s quite passive, and can also be passive-aggressive. She waits too much in general, when action might be a better strategy. There’s a difference between planning and just letting life pass you by.

Eventually, Meri stopped waiting for Kody, and that was good for her. She seems happy now at Instagram, but she’s still doing the “cryptic” post thing that was mentioned earlier. Part of her is emotionally invested in Kody, who’s probably glad that she isn’t around, no matter what he says publicly.

In the quote shown above, she was more open about her feelings. Instead of being so wishy-washy, Meri would have benefited from really unloading on Kody during their spiritual union. Then, then might have had a fight that led him to finally say, “I want you out of my life.” That would have saved so much time and heartache.

2“Some days it feels like a deal-breaker”

Image of Robyn looking shady, with insets of Meri Brown, Janelle Brown and Christine Brown from Sister Wives

Even Robyn, who typically keeps her reactions mild, is lashing out at Kody during this season. She’s finding it hard to live with the cranky father of 18. During the season, Robyn was in her usual passive-aggressive form when she stated that the way Meri treats Kody, “feels like a deal-breaker.”

That’s strong language from “Sobbin’ Robyn.” She’s usually more apt to placate Kody, but now, Robyn’s seemingly changed. She’s toughened up in general, and she’s finally speaking out about what she’s been through. While she clearly loves Kody, she’s frustrated with him. He’s hard to live with, and even though she’s also high-strung, Robyn’s having trouble dealing with Kody’s ups and downs. He’s moody, bitter, and unable to fully recognize the fact that he’s the problem.

1“Fu*ck You”

Sister Wives Janelle Brown wearing an exasperated look on her face

Janelle hasn’t totally cut Kody off during the season. She’s tried to get along with him, but her motivation isn’t the strongest. She’s been through a lot and she’s carrying so much anger. While Kody thinks that Janelle’s just after his “body,” he doesn’t understand women. There’s a lot more to her than that. Janelle loves Kody but she’s giving up. Offscreen, she’s left him, and that decision was probably based on their explosive onscreen argument. She said, “f*ck you,” after they warred about parenting, money, and more.

Sister Wives season 18’s been a wild ride, and it’s not over yet. The Brown family’s disintegrating through the episodes, and Robyn’s pretending to be upset. Kody’s angry because he’s getting so much criticism. Meri feels forgotten, and Christine’s already planning her new life as a single woman. Everything’s changed except Kody and Robyn’s bond. It’s still there, but it’s broken. Soon enough, it’ll be gone forever.

The season has been harsh, and it’s shining a light on the downside of plural marriage. Polygamy’s hard on everyone involved, but especially grueling for the women who must obey their husbands. If they don’t want to obey, they can be cast out. However, they still need to exist in their marriages, in a sort of purgatory that leaves everyone miserable. Kody’s unloved wives look exhausted this season. The strain’s getting to them. Christine, who moved on, seems energized and alive. Kody is showing the strain, just like his exes. There’s so much emotion and so much strife.

Women don’t have freedom in plural marriage. If they leave, they may feel guilty because their religious beliefs are so ingrained. Also, they may feel heartbroken because things didn’t work out. There are so many potential pitfalls. There are good reasons why polygamy has stigma in society. Sister Wives was about changing that, but instead of achieving that goal, the series’ stars have proven that it’s a relationship model that’s just so wrong. While the family seemed happy in earlier seasons, those days are over. Now, everything is ashes, except Robyn and Kody’s romance. He seems happier than she is.

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