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‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Faces Shocking Reveals

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Sister Wives star Kody Brown has been struggling to bring the family back together throughout Season 18. They have celebrated the holidays apart, and some of the wives have contemplated leaving, such as Janelle and Meri. The latest description for Episode 12 just got released, and it will feature big reveals, including the patriarch’s future with some of the wives. Keep reading to learn more about the upcoming episode.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown’s Heartbreaking Decision In Episode 11

The latest episode of Season 18 showed Kody’s decision to finally end his relationship with Meri. This also left the former first wife with no choice but to consider their marriage ending for good, despite her desire to work things out. Aside from the sad news, Episode 11 also featured some exciting updates such as Mykelti announcing that she’s having twins. It also shows that the season is still delayed, as Christine already welcomed her daughter’s twin sons, Archer and Ace, behind cameras. Regardless, her reaction to the big reveal was a sight to see.

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Episode 12 Features An Unexpected Twist Between Kody & Janelle

The 12th episode of Sister Wives will showcase an unexpected reveal. According to the synopsis, Kody went to Janelle’s new apartment. However, he realized that his wife was planning a future without him. Furthermore, the upcoming episode will also feature Meri worrying about the big changes in her life as she focuses on her B&B after officially ending her relationship with Kody. Meanwhile, Christine throws a 1950s-themed party and announces that she’s dating again. Though it’s unclear if the majority of her journey with David Woolley was documented.

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Sister Wives: Where Does Janelle & Kody Brown’s Relationship Stand Today?

Janelle and Kody are presently not together. The 54-year-old father has also admitted his struggles with some of their kids in Season 18 and regrets their estrangement. “Boys, I’m sorry. I was trying to protect my family. Next time, I’d manage it differently and I’m sorry,” he said. But despite his issues with the kids, he’s still making efforts to be with them at big family events and celebrate their milestones. In May, Kody attended Savanah’s graduation, where Janelle and the other kids were also present.

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Janelle Brown also revealed in Season 18 that there may still be a chance if Kody starts treating her like a real wife. But it seems things didn’t work out for them behind cameras as they still live their lives apart. It was reported that the two paid off their Coyote Pass property earlier this year. However, it seems their dreams of building and living close to each other are no longer possible after their unfortunate separations.

The 12th episode of Season 18 will air on Sunday, November 5. If you are looking for more Sister Wives news, come back to TV Shows Ace for all your updates.


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