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‘Sister Wives’: Who Was Meri Brown Before TV Fame?

‘Sister Wives’: Who Was Meri Brown Before TV Fame?

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Sister Wives star Meri Brown has been through so many ups and downs with Kody. She had to give up her position as the legal wife for Robyn, which she thought was the right thing to do. However, her relationship with the patriarch has gone downhill since. She’s been portrayed back and forth as the hero and villain throughout the years. But aside from her wild journey, Meri also had a remarkable background before the show. Keep reading to see what her life was like before filming.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown’s Career Before The Reality Show

Meri was working in the mental health field before filming for Sister Wives. She was also studying psychology and wanted to pursue a career helping youth whose lives were at risk. But her dreams had to be set aside when she began working with TLC. According to Meri, her employer at the time parted ways to “protect” their company due to her polygamous lifestyle.

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Regardless, the former first wife still thrived in life. She became one of the biggest ambassadors for LuLaRoe. She has also been putting a lot of effort into her B&B in Utah. Recently, the California native shared photos of her inn’s Halloween decorations.


Meri Grew Up In A Polygamy Family

Before meeting Kody, Meri was already aware of polygamy. She grew up in a polygamist family and had 27 siblings. The Sister Wives star was able to witness her father entering the lifestyle when she was 11 and eventually grew up with five mothers. She also watched her father’s courtships, giving her an idea of what it’s like to live in such a culture. Unfortunately, it seems that Meri Brown wasn’t able to replicate what her father had with Kody.

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Sister Wives: How Did Meri & Kody Brown Meet?

Meri and her family converted to the Fundamentalist Mormon religion. This was the time she and Kody crossed paths. The Sister Wives star was 18 when she met her future husband. However, she explained in her 2012 book “Becoming Sister Wives” that she was taken away “right off the bat.” She also added that he was cute and had a great personality.

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The two quickly fell in love. Kody Brown, who was 22 at the time, even had thoughts that Meri was his soulmate. They tied the knot in April 1990. It also didn’t take long before they began seeking other wives to start a polygamous family. The married couple originally planned to have eight kids together. Unfortunately, Meri suffered from infertility after only giving birth to one child, Leon, in 1994.

The 12th episode of Season 18 will air on Sunday, November 5. If you are looking for more Sister Wives news, come back to TV Shows Ace for all your updates.


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