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‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown Claps Back At Kody Over Assets

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Sister Wives got a preview for the upcoming episode on TLC. In it, Meri Brown fumed over Robyn and Kody Brown. Actually, they drew up their own plans for Coyote Pass. With Christine Brown out of the picture, his former first wife fumes over the unequal division of assets.

Sister Wives Janelle & Kody Brown Already Cashed On Coyote Pass

In Season 10 of the TLC show, fans already saw that Janelle went head-to-head with Kody over building on the property. Or, rather the lack of building. She asserted that he’s got the money, the same as he did when he got Robyn her mansion. However, he’s stubborn and holding out against development. Is he doing that because he will try and cheat the other wives out of their assets?

The property that the Sister Wives family purchased seems quite complicated. Kody’s name sits on all of the properties. Meanwhile, Robyn’s name technically links to about 52 percent of it. Actually, she probably contributed the least cash. The rest involves Janelle with 32 percent. And, Meri owns just 15 percent. With different wives’ names on varying property and different portions of land, Kody seems determined to make decisions all on his own with no consultation. And, Meri brown is spitting.



Sister Wives Unequal Division Of Assets – Meri Brown Is Furious

Entertainment Tonight shared a first exclusive look at the upcoming episode. The outlet noted that Meri seemed shaken by Kody and Robyn. It turned out that they decided to take the lion’s share of the Coyote Pass property for themselves. In fact, despite Meri contributing to the property and the family financially, she would get way less than the now-monogamous couple.

Sister Wives - Meri brown Claps Back At Kody Over Assets - TLC
Sister Wives – Meri Brown – Kody Brown – TLC

Christine’s property went to the family in exchange for her Flagstaff home. However, Kody has no intention of splitting it with the rest of the family. The Sister Wives star said, “Because of things that have gone on in the family, I’m not going to give the lot to any wife.” Instead, he intends to keep it for himself.

Shattered and angry, Meri Brown said:


It seems he’s already made the decision and I don’t think that’s fair because regardless of the fact that he and I haven’t had a relationship for, you know, eight or 10 years or however long it’s been, I’m still part of the family and I still financially put into it…so I deserve to have some of the property and not just what he decides I’m worthy of.

Sister Wives fans who saw the preview on YouTube sided with Meri Brown:

  • Meri is correct. Kody is trying to screw her out of property and she’s always brought in money for the family. Kody and Robyn should share because Robyn has never made money. Also, Janelle and Mary gave money toward Robyn’s million dollar home. Janelle and Meri should split what’s left after Kody and Robyn take 2 acres
  • “Meri has 1 child. I have 18 children”… what the hell? Is that the math he used when she contributed financially?! Girlfriend needs to get a lawyer ASAP!
  • Kody is a thief, lier and a cheat. TLC, ladies, someone hold him frakin accountable PLEASE
  • time for Meri to get a great lawyer and stop Kody from cheating her….
Sister Wives: Kody and Meri FIGHT About Dividing Their Land (Exclusive)

What do you think of the suggestion by Kody Brown that he and Robyn should hold eight shares, while Meri Brown only gets two, and Janelle gets four? As she helped to finance it, do you agree that Meri should get more? Do you agree that Meri should lawyer up and get what she’s worth rather than just accept Rbbyn and Kody’s plan? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and keep coming back for more Sister Wives updates.


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