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Sister Wives: David Rescues Truely From A Life-Threatening Situation, Becomes The Ideal Dad!

Popular Sister Wives star Christine Brown is in a completely new phase in her life. She has left all the toxicity behind and is now enjoying her time with her newfound love, David Woolley. Though some fans called her out for moving too fast, she isn’t paying heed to any kind of criticism. Intially, viewers also wondered how her youngest daughter Truely would adjust to her step-father. But now, it seems that David is taking steps towards mending this and has seemingly established a great relationship with the star kid. Recently, he saved Christine’s daughter’s life from a very threatening situation and won many hearts!

Sister Wives: David Wins Hearts After Saving Truely’s Life From A Dangerous Situation

Since Christine Brown introduced her new fiance to the world, Sister Wives fans have been concerned about Truely. There have been several instances when viewers noticed that the star kid wasn’t comfortable and was behaving weirdly. Hence, the majority of the audience believed that Christine’s youngest daughter would need some time to adjust to this new change. However, it seems that David Woolley is also taking steps to get close to Truely and make a bond with her. The Sister Wives star revealed how her partner saved her daughter from a life-threatening situation.

Christine took to Instagram and posted a carousel of pictures in which David was helping Truely. Her caption revealed that one of the reasons she loves her boyfriend is the way he always helps her daughter. As per the TLC star, Truely was stuck in the hills. That is when Woolley climbed all the way up, taught her daughter how to come down, and waited patiently for her. Christine seemed to be overwhelmed by the way her fiance was dealing with Truely and gushed over her new beau. Sister Wives fans also loved the way David was taking steps toward Christine’s daughter and establishing a bond with her.


Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Hangs Out With Christine & David

Usually, Christine, David, and Truely are the ones who hang out together and have fun. But this time, they had some “special guests.” Recently, the former took to her social media handle and shared a wholesome clip with her followers. In the video, the trio was accompanied by Janelle and Savannah in their new adventure. They went to RZR riding, and it was evident that they all were having a lot of fun. Even Janelle also posted a carousel of pictures and revealed that she was in Moab, Utah, to have fun with her bestie and her fiance.

Fans were really happy to know that Janelle was back again with Christine. It has been a while since the duo didn’t post much about each other. Their distancing gave rise to several rumors claiming that Janelle had issues with Christine and David’s relationship. However, after watching the snaps and clips from their recent outing, it is clear that none of them held grudges against each other and were really happy together. Viewers were glad to witness this iconic reunion. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest Sister Wives tea.


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