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Sister Wives: Christine On A Mission To Shed 20 Lbs More, Aims To Look Slimmer At Her Wedding?

Christine Brown, the ex-wife of polygamist Kody Brown, has found love again. And she is planning to marry her new fiance, David Woolley. The Sister Wives star, who announced her engagement to David in April 2023, is also on a weight-loss mission to shed 20 more pounds before her wedding. Christine has been focused on losing weight for years and has disclosed that she follows a blood-type diet and exercises daily. The 51-year-old has already shed 23 pounds and aims to lose more before her wedding. Christine has stunned fans with her transformation and has received many compliments on her appearance.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Plans To Shed 20 Pounds Before Getting Married To David!

Sister Wives star Christine has been working to lose weight for several years. After her divorce from polygamist Kody, she’s been constantly training to improve her health and mental conditions. The star shares that she is not looking for a temporary measure but focusing on a long recovery. According to sources, the mother of six had already lost 23 pounds and hoped to lose 20 more before her auspicious day. Christine, on her social handles, has also promoted Plexus, a vitamin and supplement brand. The company offers a diet drink that claims to help reduce weight. The TLC celeb frequently shares photos of herself with her pink diet drink on Instagram, claiming that it gives her energy.

Not only Plexus but Christine is also sticking to a blood-type diet. This involves eating foods compatible with her blood type. She has stated that following this diet helps her prevent inflammation and intestinal disorders and makes her feel better. The Sister Wives celeb also works out daily and has posted videos of herself lifting weights and performing cardio workouts on Instagram. Additionally, Christine recently signed up for a six-week weight loss challenge to stay motivated.


David Woolley has been at her side throughout the whole thing and has hailed her efforts. He has also participated in some of her exercises and encouraged her to continue. Her children have also supported their mother’s transformation, assisting her with healthy food preparation and physical activity. Christine’s weight loss journey is about not just losing weight but also gaining confidence and happiness. The TLC celeb has disclosed that she is more at ease in her skin and adores herself more than ever.

Sister Wives: Insider Leaks Christine & David’s Weeding Date!

Christine Brown, the former wife of Kody Brown, is ready to walk down the aisle again with her new fiance, David Woolley. The love buds are planning a cozy summer wedding in David’s hometown, Utah. An insider of the show recently leaked the date of their wedding ceremony. It will most probably happen in July, TheSun’s

insider discloses. It also was revealed that the couple plans to marry in an exotic sea resort with mountain views. 

Christine’s fans have congratulated her on her engagement and wedding date. They are also excited to witness her wedding on television. Previously, the star had urged Utah locals to help her arrange wedding cakes, flowers, and especially her wedding dress. The star looks forward to a “cozy” summer wedding with a rustic vibe. She claims David treats her like a queen and tells her she is beautiful every day. Christine has also stated that she has never experienced love like this before. Her world appears to be a brighter place with him in it. Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers further updates.


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