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‘Sister Wives’ Real Reason Kody & Robyn Courting New Sister Wife?

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Although Season 19 of Sister Wives hasn’t officially been confirmed, it seems that Kody and Robyn Brown are busy making new material. While people are seeing an uptick in Kody and Robyn sightings in Chandler, now it seems the real reason is coming to light.

Kody And Robyn Brown Courting

On Reddit, Sister Wives viewers started a conversation about the frequency of Kody and Robyn Brown going to Chandler Mall. First, a user says, “I have a theory… thoughts?” Then they give their theory: “So I have this crazy little theory in my head that with all of the Kody & Sobyn sightings in the past couple months at Chandler Mall or near there that they may be courting a new wife.”

Robyn and Kody Brown's Wedding Day - TLC
Robyn and Kody Brown’s Wedding Day – TLC Sister Wives

Then continuing they say, “I know this is a long shot but hear me out! Okay so I briefly remember Sobyn crying on the last season that she didn’t want to live monogamous (don’t know if that was for show or not) BUT Kody is the opposite now obviously. We all know he wants to just be with her. Anyways, I strongly would believe if Kody took on another wife just to make Sobyn happy with the idea of plural marriage again but with the same emotional level as the OG3 the last couple seasons… little to none.” Additionally, the poster points out that the frequency seems too high to just be shopping or gun show attendance. And they strongly believe it is to keep Sister Wives going.


Other Fans Give Feedback

When Sister Wives viewers begin to weigh in, you see there are a variety of feelings on this topic. Many believe Robyn Brown has exactly what she wants and won’t throw that away by adding a new wife, but others disagree.

  • “They’re not courting a possible wife. Robyn might say she wanted to sit on her porch with her sister wives, but, she stole that sentiment from Meri when Meri spoke of her mother not having that opportunity. Robyn doesn’t want sister wives. She wants the resources they have to offer, but she doesn’t actually want to share.”
  • “Who knows. Maybe when the potential wife has a well-paid job? That is of course at the top of their list.”
  • “It’s gun shows. Every time it’s posted, we look it up and there’s gun shows. There’s a LOT of gun shows. At least one every single weekend.”
  • Talking about Kody and Robyn Brown courting, someone says, “Yeah they might be desperate enough to try.”
  • “I highly doubt Robyn worked that hard to be top wife that she would allow Kody to marry, much less consummate a marriage with another.”

The Real Reason Behind Kody And Robyn Brown Courting A New Wife

But some Sister Wives fans think the real reason behind Robyn Brown wanting to court a new wife might not just be for financial gain. Furthermore, people think she needs wives to have a set of built-in friends.

  • “Oh I disagree entirely. Robyn wants sister wives desperately. She wants close friends that have to be her friends. Look at her throughout the series and based on what we know. She’s had, basically, one friend. Kendra. That’s the one that was somewhat involved in the catfishing. Otherwise it’s just her family. She doesn’t have friends. But if it’s a sister wife, they sort of have to be her friend. She wants the community, she wants the help, financially, and she wants someone else Kody can be angry at instead of her. It’s easy to keep the honeymoon going if there’s another woman in the villain role. Robyn can keep all his anger pointed at someone else and she’s on easy street. Yes, Robyn wants sister wives. But she also wants to stay head wife.”
  • “I don’t know if they’re courting, but I don’t see why there would be an assumption that the new wife would have the type of relationship Kody had with Christine or Meri. There’s no reason he couldn’t have an emotional/romantic attachment to a new person he didn’t have a long, negative history with. It would be starting from scratch.”
Sister Wives: Kody Says He Was Never in Love With ANY Wife But Robyn

What do you think? Do you think that Kody and Robyn Brown are in Chandler frequently to court a new wife? Do you think Robyn needs wives to have friends? Are you wanting to see more episodes of Sister Wives? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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