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Who Took In Garrison Brown’s Beloved Cats After His Passing?

Who Took In Garrison Brown’s Beloved Cats After His Passing?

Garrison Brown, Catthew-Instagram

Who took in Garrison Brown’s three beloved cats after he passed away a little over a week ago? He had just rescued a nine-year-old cat to add to his little whiskered family. So, what became of his four-legged friends? Read on for more details.

Who Took In Garrison Brown’s Beloved Cats After His Passing?

Days before Garrison Brown apparently took his own life, he saved one. He rescued a nine-year-old cat named Ms. Buttons who was ready to be put down. She joined Patches O’Houlihan and Catthew, fitting in perfectly. After Garrison died, fans of the show and, in particular of him, donated money to animal shelters such as Ark Cat Sanctuary and High Country Humane Society. His mother, Janelle Brown, acknowledged how honored she was to learn about this happening:

“I have been brought to tears again. I’m being told about everyone’s donations to @highcountryhumane @arkcatsanctuary in Garrison’s name. Thank you all for your generosity. It means so much. The cats he adopted from both agencies were so important to him. He loved being a cat dad.”

Sister Wives - Garrison Brown Instagram
Garrison Brown-Instagram

Followers on Reddit also shared that they were making donations in all parts of the world. So, this has become a huge deal and something very special. However, one of the big questions is where the three kitties ended up after Garrison passed. In the same Instagram post about the donations, Janelle made sure to fill followers in as to where they were residing:

“They are settling in with the Garrison’s siblings as we speak.”

Though it was unclear if the kitties had been split up or were all together, fans seemed happy to know that they had not been displaced or returned to a shelter.


  • Our pets understand what is happening they are grieving too so it’s probably comforting for them and his siblings to be together ❤️
  • thank you so much for updating us on the status of the kitties !!! I know life is upside down right now and thank you for letting us know! 💔
  • amazing! His babies in good hands!

Get The Message

Shelters were flooded with donations so some Reddits and subs wanted to make sure Janelle Brown knew what was going on. They sent messages to her former sister wife, Meri Brown in hopes she would get the memo across. This is how big of an impact Garrison Brown had on people who had never even met him. However, he had been in so many viewers’ lives since he was eleven. Therefore, it felt as if he was a family member or good friend. This is a tragic situation but he has left an amazing legacy.

Are you happy to know where the kitties are? Would you like to see updates on them along the way? Let us know in the comments below.

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