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Sister Wives: Janelle Brown’s Using Social Media To Cope (How She’s Staying Connected To Fans)

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown’s Using Social Media To Cope (How She’s Staying Connected To Fans)

Sister Wives Janelle Brown has been dealing with the passing of her son Garrison Brown as best she can, even using social media to connect with fans.


  •  Janelle Brown is using social media to cope after losing son Garrison, finding comfort and support from Sister Wives viewers.
  •  Janelle’s heartfelt tribute to Garrison on social media was her first step in processing her grief and finding solace.
  •  Despite her private nature, Janelle is sharing personal moments online, cherishing memories of her family and her son.

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown has been working through one of the most difficult times in her life after losing son Garrison Brown, but she’s been using social media to cope and stay connected to fans of the long-running series. Janelle, who has been appearing on Sister Wives for the duration of its 18-season run, has been having a difficult time mourning her son and figuring out what’s next for her in her life. While her marriage to Kody Brown has dissolved in the last few years, Janelle has been leaning on her family to get through this difficult time.

When Garrison’s death was announced publicly, there was an outpouring of support for the Brown family, and especially for Janelle. After watching her on Sister Wives season 18 and understanding the difficulties she’d faced in leaving Kody, as well as the issues Garrison and her other children had been having with their father, viewers felt genuinely hurt for Janelle in her difficult time. Knowing that after going through such turmoil, Janelle was now facing an even more difficult struggle pushed viewers to try to comfort her. Using social media, Janelle has connected with viewers who are truly hoping to help.

After losing Garrison, Janelle shared a moving tribute that came from both herself and Kody. The Sister Wives star shared that she was heartbroken to lose her son, and memorialized him on social media as best she could in the difficult state. In her post, Janelle shared that her son “was a bright spot in the lives of all who knew him. His loss will leave such a big hole in our lives that it takes our breath away.”The photos she chose along with their sweet caption moved Sister Wives viewers, who were looking for closure of their own.

While Janelle has limited comments on the post, making it clear that she was making it for herself and Kody to share a statement about the tragic event, the fact that she quickly opened up to social media was surprising to some Sister Wives viewers. Throughout the run of the series, Janelle has been somewhat quieter about her private life when it isn’t featured on the show. In opening up the dialogue about Garrison’s passing without allowing comments from her followers, Janelle was able to speak on the tragedy without anyone else’s input. Heartbroken, she opened up about her son.

Janelle Shared The Last Photo She Has Of Her Family All Together

Janelle Brown All Children

While she was going through her initial waves of grief, Janelle chose to share the last photo she had with all of her children during the 2023 holiday season. In a photo posted to her Instagram, Janelle and her kids are all shown smiling for the camera. Janelle explained that she was happy to have a photo with all of her kids, showing off her beautiful family that she’d be able to remember Garrison by. On this post, Janelle heard from Sister Wives viewers as well as friends in the comments, all hoping to support her in this difficult time.

Although Garrison’s funeral and the aftermath of his death will likely be kept private for the Brown family, the Sister Wives star chose to share some photos from the event. While Janelle kept her caption primarily focused on the event, she did share that “the support has been overwhelming. I am honored. So many of you shared stories of your loved ones.” She explained that the photos may have been seen online by some, but she wanted to share them herself and show the celebration of Garrison’s life, which included his National Guard Unit offering a flag in his honor.

Janelle’s Thankful To Have The Support Of Her Family & Sister Wives Viewers

Janelle Brown Instagram Family

Although Janelle has a rough road ahead as she tries to grieve her son to the best of her abilities, she’s shared online that she’s thankful to have support from her large family and the Sister Wives community. In sharing her own grief, Janelle’s been able to hear from others who are in her situation or have been in the past, making connections beyond her wildest imagination. Explaining in her most recent post that she’s “been even more grateful for my faith this year,” Janelle shared that she spent Easter in North Carolina, receiving well wishes from Sister Wives viewers.

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