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Sister Wives: Mykelti Lashes Out with Blame after Garrison’s Service

Sister Wives star Mykelti Brown Padron lashes out after Garrison Brown‘s service by pointing the finger of blame, as her famous TLC family navigates the healing process. To the fans, it seemed obvious that the young mom of three was overwhelmed with grief after losing her brother. And while some people disagreed with her, they came at her gently with their views.

Sister Wives: Mykelti Brown Padron Unsettled

Mykelti Brown Padron is not happy about the photos published on social media from Garrison Brown’s service. She put the National Guard in her scope after the Nevada National Guard posted those photos on their site.


Mykelti was upset that the National Guard didn’t keep Garrison’s memorial service photos private by keeping them out of the public eye. Many Sister Wives fans understood her delicate situation, as she just lost her brother.

Sister Wives: Garrison Brown
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But some fans nicely pointed out that the National Guard held a public memorial. In this case, they would have posted photos of any memorial they held.  But Mykelti Brown Padron felt her family is different from the other families, as the Sister Wives family are well-known celebrities.

Mykelti Stressed the Family Wanted Privacy

As celebrities, the press hovers, and people snap photos of the Sister Wives family members without them even knowing this at times.  So, when Mykelti saw the pictures from Garrison Brown’s memorial service online, she became furious.


She writes, “If we were any other family and the National Guard did that to any other family, it would be totally cool.” But, she added, “My family has a big guard up because we are public, and we’re not any other family because of how public we are.”

Sister Wives: Mykelti Brown Padron - Tony Padron
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She said no one from the Sister Wives family gave them the go-ahead to do this. So, she became appalled that they would do this without the family’s consent. Mykelti also shared that her siblings are trying to get her to “calm down,” about this.

Fans suggested that the National Guard didn’t need permission, as this arm of the military put on this memorial service for Garrison. And, as the above post suggests, they held this as a public memorial.

Sister Wives: Overwhelmed with Grief

Mykelti Brown Padron slammed the National Guard for not respecting the family’s privacy. But, Janelle Brown, Garrison’s mom, posted some of the same photos over the weekend. She talked about how beautiful the memorial was for her son.

Still, the pictures brought out some disparaging comments. And some of them aimed at Mykelti and Tony Padron, her husband. Comments from fans suggested that Mykelti looked pregnant due to the outfit she wore. Then other fans slammed Tony for wearing a hat as this service took place. It’s just stuff they didn’t need to deal with in their time of despair.

Sister Wives fans hopped online and made some possible excuses for Mykelti’s anger. Grief takes many different avenues, so it’s likely Mykelti may have found herself overwhelmed with the despair of losing her brother.

They also reminded her that these photos showed how many people cared about her brother. Several commenters suggested that Garrison would have been so proud to see how he was honored by his fellow troops.

So, it looks like Mykelti Brown Padron was fuming over the National Guard doing what they usually do after a memorial. They share it on their social media sites. But fans think the grief of losing her brother might have caused Mykelti Brown Padron to overreact.

This tragedy will weigh heavy on the Sister Wives family for a long time. The majority of the fans reached out with condolences to the members of this famous family from TLC.

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