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Sister Wives: Janelle Recalls Sealing the Deal with Kody

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown tells a story about something in her past with Kody Brown that might explain some of her decisions seen on the TLC series.

Before marrying Kody Brown, she had something important in mind going into the future. At the time, the man with the ringlets fit that bill.


Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Set Her Sights on Kody Brown

Janelle Brown’s story goes way back to when she became newly divorced from her first husband. It starts with Kody Brown’s family. Janelle had an in at the Brown family’s ranch, as her mom was a newlywed wife to Kody’s dad, Winn Brown.

Janelle Brown told this story in the book that the Sister Wives spouses all penned together several years ago.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Kody Brown
Sister Wives | TLC

So, long before the Sister Wives series was even a concept, she started hanging out with Kody Brown. Next, she eyed the gregarious young man as a future husband.


Kody’s father, Winn Brown, took Janelle under his wing shortly after marrying her mom. Neither Janelle nor her mom practiced polygamy before becoming family with this father and son.

Janelle was in her early 20s when Winn set out to find a new husband for her. However, her future father-in-law had his other son in mind. But Janelle had her heart set on Winn’s son, Kody.

Potential for a Good Father

Kody was already married to Meri Brown. So, she too spent time with her husband on his father’s ranch. That’s when Janelle began to hang around with them.

So, the future second wife of the Sister Wives family was smitten with him, but not romantically. He was a good friend, a great conversationalist, and most of all, wonderful with all the kids who came to the ranch.

So, the man who played well with children was the man she wanted as the father of her future kids. And she wanted a slew of them.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Kody Brown
Sister Wives | TLC

Then one day, Janelle asked Meri if she could talk to Kody alone. Meri obliged, and the moment arrived when Janelle asked the future Sister Wives patriarch if she could join his family.

And from what Kody added in the book, he had already been pondering Janelle Brown as wife number two. A short courtship, a small wedding, and a strange honeymoon are all now part of Janelle’s milestone moments.

Sister Wives: Janelle & Kody Far from Love Story

Janelle Brown admits that Meri and Kody were deeply in love when she became the second wife. The shared husband also backed this up with his words in the book.

But this new Sister Wives bride was not interested in romance. That’s not what attracted her to this marriage. She wanted to belong to this family. So, she said their love affair wouldn’t emerge until years later.

Meri Brown writes that Janelle coming into the family didn’t offer competition in the romance department for her. What Janelle and Kody had was an intellectual coupling.

Meri didn’t feel this new marriage impeded on what Kody and she shared. It seems Janelle Brown’s main reason for choosing Kody was his potential as a good dad.

Janelle & Kody Secretly Did Their Thing?

After hearing about what originally attracted Janelle to her now-Sister Wives‘ husband, it sounds like she carried that theme throughout her marriage. While lots of things led to her marriage demise, it was Kody’s treatment of their adult kids that helped tilt her in the direction of a split.

But, there was some romance there, despite keeping it under wraps. She is not a kiss-and-tell kind of lady. But in one of the last Sister Wives seasons, she crumbled the popular myth that they remained just buddies through their marriage.

Janelle swallowed her pride of privacy and admitted she missed Kody Brown in several ways, including in her bed. So, she started off wanting Kody Brown as the father of her future kids. But, ironically, it seems his attitude as a father to his adult kids ultimately pushed the marriage to a hobbling end.

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