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Sister Wives: Meri’s Morbid Warning Raises Eyebrows

Sister Wives star Meri Brown released a message about suicide this weekend that caught the attention of the fans from her TLC show. This message appears similar to the usual cryptic posts she dangles online for her followers. Fans want to know where she is going with this, or if she is pointing the finger at someone.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Comes Out of Left Field with Message

Meri Brown wasn’t talking about anything recently that coincides with the message she posted over the weekend. She never mentioned a name when sharing this new post with her million-plus followers.


For Sister Wives fans, many assumed that she had the tragic ending to Garrison Brown’s life in mind with this post. Garrison took his life two months ago. The police ruled it a suicide after finding him with a gunshot wound to the head.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown
Sister Wives | Instagram

Sister Wives fans were surprised to see such a blatant message about suicide. But then many realized at the end of Meri’s post the message also said that “May is Mental Health Awareness Month”.

So, is this Meri’s way of drawing attention to this with hopes of getting the word out? And maybe staving off this awful outcome for another family?


Meri’s devastation over Garrison’s death became clear in her posts. She, and the rest of the family, were at a loss about how to navigate going forward with such a loss now part of their lives.

So, for her to want to get a message out about suicide is only understandable, especially if it helps others. But some fans wonder if that is the only message within that post.

Meri Mentions No Names

Meri never mentioned a name in her message, so if she points a finger at someone, that person remains a mystery. Cryptic messages from Meri in the past left fans assuming she was talking about another Sister Wives family member at the time.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Message
Sister Wives | Instagram

But this message deals with an unsettling topic. It talks about people not taking someone seriously when they suffer from mental illness. Instead, some tend to accuse the person of attention-seeking when suicidal.

Meri Brown’s message also talks about the regrets in hindsight of a suicide. In the aftermath of a suicide, people “feel bad” and “wish they saw the signs”. And that’s likely true in many families after a loved one takes their own life.

Sister Wives: Too Soon for This?

While the message is important, some Sister Wives fans worry that the words might sound a bit condemning for those left behind in the famous Brown family.

The Sister Wives tragedy has the family in its early days, wrestling with ways to move on. So, some fans suggest this message, coming from a family member, might give off the wrong idea. This post could be deciphered as Meri Brown pointing fingers at an unnamed family member.

Again, it’s important to take any suggestion of suicide seriously enough to act immediately, which is a message that needs to be heard.

Still, some fans suggest with all the turmoil seen within that family, Meri Brown’s seemingly cryptic message might rip open a few wounds.

Again, this message needs to get out there. But as a Sister Wives family member, fans think the wording could have been a bit different, so it left no room for speculation as a finger-pointing post.

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