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Sister Wives: Current OWNER Of Coyote Pass Property Revealed As Kody Brown Pays Off His Debt

Kody Brown and his plural family have been the talk of the reality TV realm for almost a decade. Despite being on TLC for such a long time, Sister Wives has still not lost its charm. Apart from their family drama, the show also focused on how the family bought some land in Coyote Pass. While they had a dream to build on it, such a thing hasn’t happened yet. Then, there was an update about Kody Brown paying off the land entirely! So, who is its new owner now?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown No Longer Owns Coyote Pass? Cleared Dues!

Kody Brown and his plural family moved to Flagstaff almost five years ago. While they got temporary houses for themselves, their initial plan was to build their own places. In order to make their dreams come true, they got a plot in the Coyote Pass area. But many years later, they haven’t started construction. In Sister Wives, the family mentioned that they still hadn’t paid off the price completely. However, as per the new reports, Kody Brown has cleared off his Coyote Pass dues. According to Cheatsheet, fans began to wonder if he had sold the land to someone, as it had been barren for years.


But as it turns out Kody, as well as Janelle Brown, cleared the remaining payment to acquire the land fully. Hence, the Sister Wives family still has plans to live there. Now that they fully own the parcels, chances are that they might start building there soon. TV Season & Spoilers reports that Janelle had also taken measures to prepare herself to save up. For instance, she had moved into an RV in the last season to save up to start building on the land. But there have been no updates about the same in a long time.


Sister Wives: Do Chrsitine & Meri Still Own Coyote Pass Lands After Their Divorce With Kody Brown?

It turns out that the Coyote Pass land parcels are in the name of Kody, Robyn, Meri, and Janelle Brown. Initially, Christine Brown also used to be an owner, but that changed after her divorce. In order to acquire the funds she’d get after selling her Flagstaff home, the Sister Wive star sold her Coyote Pass land to Kody for just $10. It happened in 2022, and now she has moved to Lehi, Utah, for a fresh beginning with her future husband, David Woolley. Hence, Christine will never own Coyote Pass in the future, either.

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As far as Meri Brown is concerned, she called it quits with Kody earlier this year. Just like Christine, she moved to Utah to her mother’s heritage inn to look after the business. However, the Coyote Pass land parcel is still under her name. But now that Meri lives in Utah, she might just sell the land too. Or she might build a house there only to turn it into another Airbnb to earn more profits. In any case, Meri’s stance regarding her plans for her Coyote Pass land is still unclear. Keep track of all the latest Sister Wives updates by checking TV Season & Spoilers.


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