Days of Our Lives’ *Next* Secret DiMera Heir May Already Be Here — and Carrying On Stefano’s Work!

Days of Our Lives’ *Next* Secret DiMera Heir May Already Be Here — and Carrying On Stefano’s Work!

Days DiMera family mashup Stefan, Chad, Kate, EJ, Stefano

If there’s one thing we like to joke about with Days of Our Lives, it’s the propensity for new DiMeras to pop out of the woodwork on a stunningly regular basis. Stefano fathered so many secret — often illegitimate — children, it’s bordering on mythical proportions here.

And it looks like we’re going to have to brace ourselves for yet another DiMera heir! According to spoilers for next week, we’re going to learn of their existence on Tuesday, May 16. And that could be huge.

Now unless Stefan and Jake turn out to be triplets (please, no) or Nicole finds out the father of her child is EJ in record time (where’s the fun in that?), we have a sneaking suspicion that it’s someone we’ve already met. And if we’re right, this person has a propensity for grand larceny, kidnapping and all-around villainy, just like his dad. Yes, we said his. Because we are, of course, talking about Dimitri.


Wearing a suit jacket and open collared button up, Dimitri reads a leather bound book at a desk.

“Just going to pencil myself in to the DiMera family tree here…”

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

We know that Dimitri is a von Leuschner, cousin to Carly and Frankie. But we don’t know exactly how he’s a cousin. Also, when you’re talking powerful families like this, cousin may not mean first cousin so much as someone in the family. But if his mom was a von Leuschner, that still leaves the matter of his father.


If Dimitra is another of Stefano’s secret, illegitimate children, it would make sense that he would have been giving his mom’s von Leuschner name. After all, they’re a ridiculously powerful and wealthy European family in their own right. And their name isn’t sullied, as far as we know, nearly as much as the sometimes criminal, sometimes supervillain DiMera name.

Whether Dimitri would have grown up knowing who his father was or whether it had been hushed up as too scandalous is another question, but for whatever reason, he might have decided now was the time to embrace his father’s heritage. And that’s where Kate comes in.

Kidnapping her to ransom is just so… pedestrian. And indeed, Dimitri made it clear that she’s part of a master plan. Kate was one of Stefano’s more beloved wives and means a great deal to Chad. If Dimitri decided it was time to make his big entrance, he could use Kate to force his way into the family (and perhaps the company) in the most DiMera way possible.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ and Stefan face each other with stern expressions.

“Truce until we can take out this new upstart?”


Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

He’s likely to have something of a more complicated plot in mind… but right now everything’s lining up. And if it is Dimitri and he does plan on forcing his way into the family and the company, then Stefano and EJ had both better watch out. Because the von Leuschner family is powerful in its own right.

If Dimitri were to bring that wealth and power to bear to wrest DiMera Enterprises away from the rest of the family, they could all be in trouble.

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