Sister Wives: Gwendlyn Brown Takes Robyn’s Side & Supports Her Publicly!

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown has received backlash for the disintegration of the Browns in the past. The famous plural family has undergone three consecutive divorces per the current scenario. Apparently, almost all of Kody’s ex-wives blamed Robyn for being the core reason for their split. They portrayed her as a negative figure and slammed the polygamist for his never-ending favor of her. Shockingly, amid all this, Christine’s daughter, Gwen, supported Robyn publicly and took her side! But why?

Sister Wives: Gwen Supports Robyn In Shocking New Update

Sister Wives star kid Gwen Brown is one of the most socially opinionated one of the children in the Brown family these days. She has a YouTube account and reviews the episodes of her family show. It is evident that the celeb never holds back anything and gives her most honest and candid opinion on social media. Lately, Gwendlyn has been reviewing Season 1 of the reality show. Regular watchers might remember that in the initial episodes, Kody was just “courting” Robyn, and she was on the verge of becoming a family member. Hence, in a recent video, she was reviewing the second and the third episodes, where she openly supported Robyn!

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In the episode, Robyn appeared to be a very cute and adorable person. Throughout, she maintained a cheerful demeanor and engaged with everyone in a positive manner. After watching everything, Gwen claimed that she sees a lot of Robyn in the episodes. She was really happy that the makers introduced her in a “positive” and a “sweet” way. As per the star kid, after every scene, she feels that Robyn is such an “angelic” being and is wonderful. Hence, for now, there wasn’t anything that portrayed her as a “homewrecker.”

Evidently, there have been instances when many fans have accused the fourth wife of wrecking other Sister Wives’ homes. But Gwendlyn believes that Robyn got a great debut, and there wasn’t anything like a “homewrecker” vibe, at least for now.

Sister Wives: Fans Feel Robyn Took Advantage Of The Dynamics

Over the years, Sister Wives star Robyn Brown successfully gained negative publicity from the viewers. The regular watchers witnessed Kody’s favoritism during the Covid pandemic when he spent his major time with his fourth wife. Since then, there have been several fans’ theories claiming that Robyn has always wanted Kody just for herself. Hence, if she actually had such plans, then she became successful in it. As per the current scenario, the star is in a monogamous marriage with the patriarch, while Christine, Janelle, and Meri have renounced their polygamous lifestyle.

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Many viewers remain skeptical of Robyn’s professed interest in joining a polygamous family. Still, fans believe that she never wanted to share her husband with anyone. There have been instances when regular watchers witnessed how the star took a back step and didn’t mingle with her Sister Wives. Hence, when Robyn portrayed that she was hurt by Christine, Janelle, and Meri leaving the family, viewers couldn’t believe her at all. Thus, she seemingly succeeded, even if she intended to take advantage of the dynamics! Keep returning to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest Sister Wives tea.


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