1000 Lb Sisters: Fans Shower Praise On Chris Bombs After Latest ‘Before & After’ Weight Loss Pic Reveal!

Chris Combs has been a part of the Slaton family for a long time. He was initially a recurring star in his sisters Amy and Tammy’s show 1000 Lb Sisters. From Season 3, Chris also hopped on the bandwagon of weight loss. He was successful in shedding weight on his own and got his bariatric surgery approval. Since then, fans have been curious about his current status and how he looks in 2023. Well, a Redditor shared a recent picture of Combs’ weight loss and how he currently looks after his procedure.

1000 Lb Sisters: Chris Impresses Fans With His Inspiring Weight Loss!

Chris Combs was always aware that he would have to put in serious work to get in shape. At last, 1000 Lb Sisters Season 3 provided him with this opportunity. He was around 450 Lbs when he began his journey on the show. Combs had to go through many obstacles, and he shined through. He also tried the hillbilly CrossFit workout and started eating healthy to prepare for the weight loss surgery. Alas, there was a delay in Chris’ surgery after doctors discovered an infection in his leg.


But when Chris qualified for the surgery, he instantly lost 150 Lbs and recovered quickly. But it doesn’t end here. That’s because the 1000 Lb Sisters star continued the good work and lost 115 more pounds within just a month, i.e., 30 days! A Reddit shared a recent picture of his before and after transformation, and Chris Combs looked unrecognizable in it. The pictures were many years apart. Fans were proud of the entire Slaton family and how far they had come, be it Chris, Amy, or Tammy. Many also got emotional as Combs had once said that he wants to get fitter for his kids so that he gets to stay around them and spend more time with them.

1000 Lb Sisters: Chris Felt Like He Is In A Weight Loss Commercial!

The third season of 1000 Lb Sisters wrapped up with the family celebrating Chris’ weight loss. He also shared another incredible moment with fans. He ended up wearing a suit to the event, which he had grown out of. The season after this proved to be more inspiring. Chris gave an instant update to the fans about how his life changed after the operation. The celebrity had to get a whole new wardrobe after he got fit. Earlier, he was wearing size 60 pants. But now Combs has got down and wears size 46.

Chris had another shocking moment in the show. He took one of his largest pants and fit both legs within one leg hole. He jokingly admitted feeling like he was in one of those weight loss commercials. Well, viewers were incredibly proud of Combs. They also said they like how supportive he is of his siblings, Amy and Tammy. In fact, some wished they had a brother like Chris Combs to inspire them. It’s only onward and upwards for him lately. Keep an eye on TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest 1000 Lb Sisters updates.


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