‘Bold and the Beautiful’: Thomas Makes Unexpected Move as Hope Fawns over Him?

Bold and the Beautiful has Thomas Forrester and Hope Logan on a path of destruction with her on the cusp of playing out a twisted fantasy on the CBS soap. This week things start to fall into place for the Forrester son as Hope’s behavior continues.

Thomas dropped hints that he suspects something is going on with the Logan daughter. So, it looks like he’ll act on this but probably not in the way the viewers expect.

Bold and the Beautiful: Signs Become Clear to Thomas Forrester

Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) promised to respect Hope Logan’s (Annika Noelle) marriage. He went as far as to tell her husband, as well as his sister, that even if Hope came on to him, he wouldn’t do it.


Bold and the Beautiful gears up for a business trip for this duo. The soap dropped hints that it goes downhill rather quickly.  So, is this where the two finally get together, or does it ever happen? B&B teases enough that it’s coming, but they are known for their twists on this soap. Instead, another storyline could unfold.

Bold and the Beautiful: Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) - Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson)
B&B: Hope Logan – Thomas Forrester | CBS

This trip that this duo embarks on alone offers the perfect setting for Hope Logan to move her lusting fantasies to a new level. But what if Thomas Forrester does something to put a screeching halt to this without letting on that he knows?

He’s really showing a lot of improvement these days, so maybe he takes the high road and fixes this without Hope knowing his motive. It could be an unselfish move to protect her marriage.

B&B Spoilers: Hope Logan Gets a Save from Thomas But Doesn’t Know It?

It’s possible that Thomas could decide to take the problem he sees unfolding into his own hands. But how could he fix this?


Well, there’s one thing he could do. He can suddenly become available to these beauties on Bold and the Beautiful. He’s certainly not experiencing a shortage of willing women when it comes to dating.

Bold and the Beautiful: Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) - Thomas Forrester (Mathew Atkinson)
B&B: Hope Logan – Thomas Forrester – Forrester Creation Model | CBS

A few of the models already made a play for him. While he declined their offer, he may see a need to take at least one of them up on it now.

While this could detour Hope from making a play for her stepbrother, it can also open another can of worms.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Will Thomas Finally Get a Social Life?

If Thomas Forrester started to date an FC model, then Hope would likely reel in those thoughts of lust. But this new and improved version of the Forrester son probably wouldn’t use a woman just to ward off another.

So, maybe he finds someone from the outside of the business that he feels attracted to. Thomas Forrester could realize if there was ever a need to start dating, well the timing is perfect.


Everyone has been prodding him to get a social life. Plus he can’t take a chance that Hope escalates her flirting up a notch or two.

Thomas knows that she loves her husband, so he may take it upon himself to save her marriage by turning his affections elsewhere. And making sure that his stepsister sees him doing so. Still, not one, but two trips are slated for these two. Bold and the Beautiful hint that her fantasies go right along with her on both.

The first is a business trip to San Francisco, where the two go alone. The second is to Italy, but there are seven people on that excursion, so they won’t be alone. But Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) is not one of them. So, Hope has two upcoming trips with Thomas where B&B teases that she may make a move. But if he suddenly comes up with a new lady before then, well that narrows the chances of that happening.

B&B Spoilers: Will This Spark Jealousy In Hope?

So, maybe Thomas finds himself trying to save Hope’s marriage once he realizes she has feelings for him. But now that she’s fantasized about him for a while, how would she take seeing him with another woman?

For years, he’s pursued her, and recently he’s stopped because he promises never to interfere in her marriage again. This week on Bold and the BeautifulSteffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) asked Hope Logan if she’s developed feelings for her brother.

After years of him swooning over her, it stopped. Steffy asks her if she misses that. Plus, she accused her stepsister of turning into her mother, who has a history of multiple men.


These accusations shocked Hope. But it could be that Steffy hit the nail on the head.

So, if this lead designer finds a new love, once Liam hears about it, this could do wonders to reassure him his wife is safe from Thomas. But unfortunately for this husband, it’s the other way around. His wife is the hunter with his rival as prey.

But if the Forrester son does turn his affections toward another woman, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to see jealousy bubble up for Hope Logan. Of course, she would keep this all to herself, but it gives Bold and the Beautiful a new avenue for a storyline.

It could give the usually angelic Hope Logan a bit of an edge not seen before. So, Thomas could try to save her marriage with a new lady on his arm. If so, then this does wonders in reinforcing what the new Thomas Forrester is all about on the CBS soap.

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