GH Spoilers Friday, May 12: Difficult Truths, Difficult Cases, Difficult Choices

GH Spoilers Friday, May 12: Difficult Truths, Difficult Cases, Difficult Choices

General Hospital: Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros)General Hospital (GH) spoilers and updates for Friday, May 12 tease difficult truths to bear, difficult cases to defend and difficult choices to make.

General Hospital Spoilers – Difficult Truths To Bear

Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) weighs her options as the consequences of what she’s done are difficult truths to bear. She talks things over with her friend Ava Jerome (Maura West) knowing Willow Corinthos (Katelyn MacMullen) cares about those she harmed by her whistleblowing. Ava had warned her if it got back to Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) that she made the report to the SEC he’d be through with her.

If it could get back to Sonny, it could just as easily get back to Willow-she tells Ava the only thing she can do is tell Willow the truth. That seems the most obvious truth she’d need to tell Willow, although at this point she may decide not to after all.


GH Spoilers – Willow Corinthos Checks In With Someone

In a plastic isolation chamber in her ICU room, Willow’s on a phone checking in with someone. It doesn’t seem she’d be hearing Nina’s confession about calling the SEC as she just tells the person on the other end not to let it happen again! Nina had gone to Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) to ask forgiveness and make peace after she’d told Willow she’d leave her alone and she may fear Carly would tell her. But Willow shouldn’t mind hearing something like that – so it may be someone else about something else; Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) will pay Willow a visit.

General Hospital Spoilers – Difficult Cases

Meanwhile, Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy) is likely talking to Carly, although Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) is there as well. Drew looks pretty nervous as Diane talks about the SEC case, saying it’s going to get worse before it gets better. The SEC could have also looked into Carly’s relationship with her son Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) and charged him with insider trading as well.

In fact, that could very well be on the books of the SEC’s plan of attack as well, since Michael is co-CEO of Aurora Media with Drew! There could be a way to dispute a romantic relationship whereas there’s no way to dispute a mother and son’s relationship.

GH Spoilers – Scott Baldwin Is Relieved

Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner) is at the hospital and he’s relieved to see Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) although she doesn’t seem to agree. She’s giving him a pretty hard look when he tells her he was wondering if she felt the same way.


She was enraged at him not long before Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy) kidnapped her because she thought Esmé Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl) was The Hook. Scott was defending Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) at the time, who had nursed Esmé during her pregnancy and held it against him. He’s thinking and hoping that possibly time away has changed her mind.

General Hospital Spoilers – Worried For Willow Corinthos

Elsewhere in the hospital Josslyn is worried for Willow and asks Carly how long do they think they, meaning the doctors, think this is going to take? Obviously she’s talking about the bone marrow transplant, which Liesl was on her way to be prepped for-maybe that’s why the dirty look to Scott! Carly can only smile and likely say they need to think good thoughts and focus on the success of the procedure.

Josslyn, possibly with Carly will go see Willow in isolation through the plastic sheets before the transplant takes place. Liesl was in a robe of some sort when Scott interrupted her so it may be ready to happen.

GH Spoilers – Dex Heller Is Thrown

Michael makes a big decision and Dex Heller (Evan Hofer) is thrown, as he appears to be on the roof of General Hospital telling someone there are no options here! Perhaps Michael has decided to put off or totally cancel the takedown of Sonny after his talk with Willow where she begged him not to turn in the evidence. But there’s still the Pikeman group to deal with, and they’re waiting for answers-Sonny had stalled except for that one shipment of plastic explosives. It sounds like the Pikeman people could be leaning on Dex about what Sonny’s going to do or the Feds about what Michael’s going to do.

General Hospital Spoilers – Decisions Need To Be Made

Meanwhile, Sonny appears to be in his office at Pozzulo’s as he’s sitting behind his desk. He may be in the middle of a meeting with several people as he says no one is leaving this room until they do “that”! Is he talking to the Pikeman people or is this about something else-is Dex now in the meeting?


Whatever this is about, decisions need to be made, and made now. Sonny is ready to act on whatever this is all about!

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