Days of Our Lives: Could Sami Be On Her Way Back?

Nicole Walker is in the bang middle of a really juicy storyline on Days of Our Lives. Her roofied romance with Eric, and her ongoing relationship with EJ, have left her pregnant. Now, only a paternity test can now confirm which of the two hunks is the baby daddy. That too, if the reports are not tampered with, as is often the case in Soap Operas! It’s literally Soap Opera 101! But if that has to happen, who will be the one to pull the stunt? The latest spoilers tease that a rival from Nicole’s past might return to stir the pot! Keep reading TV Season & Spoilers to find out more details!

Is Nicole’s Long-Time Rival About To Return?

Nicole has softened a lot as a person over the years on Days of Our Lives. But there was a time when she pulled some really nasty stunts on the legacy soap. A lot of them were directed at a very cut-throat rival, Sami Brady DiMera! For the unversed, Sami is Eric Brady’s twin sister and EJ’s former flame. In fact, Sami looks at EJ as the ultimate love of his life. So, if Sami was to return to Salem and find Nicole caught in between EJ and Eric, oh boy! It will be fireworks everywhere!

Days of Our Lives
Will Sami (Allison Sweeney) return to mess with Nicole?

Sami detests Nicole to the end of all words! Thus, there is no way in hell that she would want Nicole in either Eric or EJ’s hair on Days of Our Lives. Moreover, there are also some more personal grudges that Sami might have from yesteryears. So if she was to find out Nicole’s current predicament, she might look at it as the perfect opportunity for payback! In the past, Sami has gone to unimaginable lengths to cut Nicole out of Eric’s life. And there is no reason to believe she won’t do it again! In fact, this time, she will have the chance to steal two men from Nicole! We can’t imagine Sami letting a chance like that slide!


Sami Disrupts Nicole’s Life On Days of Our Lives

We can’t imagine that Sami must’ve forgotten about the torture Nicole put her through by stealing her baby on Days of Our Lives. Many new years ago, Nicole and Sami were pregnant at the same time. However, due to complications, Nicole miscarried. But she pretended to be still pregnant and then stole Sami’s baby to pass off as her own. Now, all these years later, Nicole is pregnant again, if Sami catches wind, she might come back for revenge. Moreover, this time, Nicole’s pregnancy involves both Eric and EJ. So stirring that pot will bring extra pleasure to Sami.

DOOL/ Will Sami cause Nicole’s (Arianne Zucker) life to fall apart?

There are so many things she could do to get back at Nicole on Days of Our Lives. Paint Nicole as a cheat in EJ’s eyes, then switch the paternity reports in his favor. This would give her a chance to not just steal EJ from Nicole, but also push EJ to fight for the baby’s custody. Perhaps that would be her way to make Nicole feel what it is like when someone snatches her baby away. She could even use her sibling bond with Eric to manipulate him against Nicole. There are just so many possibilities when a past character with a treasure of flavors returns!

However, there have been no updates from the makers or Allison Sweeney regarding the possibility of her return. But let that not stop us from hoping, right? Would you like the see Allison return as Sami? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to Days of Our Lives to find out what happens next in Nicole’s life!


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