‘Sister Wives’: Christine Reveals Too Much – Puts Herself in Danger

Sister Wives star Christine Brown recently offered up too much information for a woman in her position, which stunned and also worried some of her fans. This popular mom of six and the ex-wife of Kody Brown has quite a large fan following from her TLC show.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Loving Life to the Fullest

Christine Brown’s fans love to watch her daily comings and goings as she enjoys a new chapter in her life. It’s like the plot of a movie unfolding, as the once very discontented wife in a polygamous marriage now finds joy with a man of her own.

She’s over-the-top excited to see what each new day brings to her. Especially now as one of those new days just happened to bring her David Woolley. The Sister Wives celeb claims she never loved a man like this before when describing her feelings for David.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown -Truely Brown
Sister Wives: Christine Brown & Truely Brown | Instagram

So even the littlest things in life bring a smile to Christine’s face. And lately, whatever makes her happy she usually shares with the hundreds of thousands of fans that she accumulated on social media.

Most often Christine’s posts offer day-to-day generic stuff along with some idle chitchat thrown in. But something she shared recently sent red flags flying for her fans.

Too Much Information Rubs Off On Christine?

When the Sister Wives marriage was intact, it was the patriarch of the family who usually blurted out stuff before thinking it through. But unlike Kody Brown, when Christine doesn’t use her filter, she’s not saying something that insults anyone.

Christine may say things without thinking them through at times. But she’s not said anything considered hurtful as her ex-Sister Wives’ husband has done at times.


Examples of Kody not filtering his thoughts before turning them into words popped up during the last Sister Wives season. He told the world on TV that he didn’t consider Meri Brown as his wife anymore. But he never mentioned this to her.

This had to hurt his first wife when hearing this. He did the same thing when he blurted out that he didn’t want intimacy with Christine anymore. So, Kody’s lack of thinking about what he plans to say before saying it has left some devastated in his wake.

Sister Wives: What Did Christine Write In Her Post?

While Kody’s lack of a filter might cause him to hit below the belt, that’s not the way Christine rolls. She may say something that’s better off not said, like revealing a spoiler for the next Sister Wives season, but it’s not cruel or demeaning toward anyone.

So, when posting something online recently, it looked as if she didn’t think it through before sharing this blurb. So, fans picked up on this immediately. Then they dropped their concerns in the comment section with the hopes that this Sister Wives mom would see the comments and take heed.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown
Sister Wives: Fan Comments | Instagram

So, what caused all the buzz? Christine Brown shared some of her daily activities as she has in the past. But this time she revealed her morning ritual. She shared with the fans how one of her favorite times of the day is the early morning.


She also revealed that this is when she walks Truely Brown to school every morning. Then she posted a few pictures she snapped along the path she takes during her morning journey. While Christine isn’t an A-list movie star, she’s still a well-known and well-liked celebrity.

The comments described how she just gave out way too much information. It was like an invitation to a stalker. And, this probably wasn’t the best move for Christine Brown in a world with plenty of “weirdos” today, as one fan dubbed a potential stalker. So, hopefully, this Sister Wives mom thinks about her posts for a moment or two before revealing this type of information ever again.

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