General Hospital: What Is Next For JEX? Eden McCoy Spills The Beans

Recently, General Hospital actors Eden McCoy (Joss) and Evan Hofer (Dex) started dropping hints about their relationship in real life and this has gotten the speculation mill churning. There is much talk going around the internet about this couple and how they could be together. While the actors have not yet confirmed anything, the actors are not shying away from letting the world know about their fondness for each other either. Their bond is so strong off-screen that it is reflecting on-screen as well. Hence, the chemistry between Joss and Dex is winning hearts! However, a trouble is spinning around this couple in the soap.

After a long struggle, Joss and Dex finally came together. What started as a hook up has now bloomed into an actual relationship. However, there is no soap if it’s characters don’t fall into a mud pit! Yes, General Hospital makers have created a trouble in Joss and Dex’s love story. Will they be able to survive the new issue? (or) Is this the end of them? Let’s find out from the horse’s mouth. Keep reading TV Season & Spoilers to know about what the mess is all about.

General Hospital
GH/ Joss and Dex get intimate

General Hospital: Eden Mccoy Sheds Light On Joss And Dex’s Future

Recently, Eden McCoy interacted with Soap Opera Digest in which she spilled the beans about what is ahead for Joss and Dex on General Hospital. After tackling a lot of issues, Joss and Dex finally came together to create a sparkling relationship. But their sparkle didn’t shine for long! As Joss and Michael’s step-dad, Sonny is a gangster, Michael has been trying to collect evidence to put him to jail. Dex has been helping Michael to bring Sonny down. Joss is now scared of the trouble Dex might fall into due to his messy involvements.


Recently on General Hospital, Michael decided to drop the idea of destroying Sonny, as he doesn’t want to be involved in the feud anymore. Do you think this decision will settle down everything? No folks, this brings new troubles for Joss, Dex and Michael. Even though Michael changed his mind, Dex will still be involved in this mob-web and it might get difficult for him to escape out of it. Hence, Joss is scared she might end up losing Dex just like her mom lost her love.

DOOL/ Joss tries to get Dex fee from Sonny’s mob

As things might get difficult for Joss and Dex, she doesn’t want Michael to spare Sonny on General Hospital. If he does, the only solution for Dex is to flee away but that will automatically lead to break-up with his love, Joss. Thus, Eden reveals that Joss will be ready to go to war for Dex. She will try to get him free from the mob at all costs. So, will Dex manage to break free of Sonny’s mob and get a happily ever-after with Joss? Or Will Joss have to suffer another loss? Stay tuned to General Hospital to find out the answers! Also, keep an eye on TV Season & Spoilers for more updates on the story!


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