Days of Our Lives Spoilers For May 5, 2023: Nicole’s Pregnancy Mess, Kate’s Kidnapper REVEALED!

Days of Our Lives Spoilers For May 5, 2023, reveal that all the speculations about Nicole being pregnant are true! Kayla will give the shocking pregnancy update to Nicole after her checkup at the hospital. Meanwhile, EJ will confront Eric over the news he got from Sloan. Watch out for the two men to throw some punches. Meanwhile, the search for Kate will begin in Greece. Also, keep an eye out for a glimpse of Kate’s kidnapper! Keep reading TV Season & Spoilers for more details!

Nicole Learns Of Her Pregnancy, EJ Confronts Eric

Nicole will start to experience some abdominal aches at the DiMera Mansion on Days of Our Lives. Thankfully, Gabi would be around, and once she realizes how severe Nicole’s suffering is, she will rush her to the hospital. The spoilers for May 5, 2023, tease that after a thorough examination, Kayla will tell Nicole that she is indeed pregnant. This will cloud Nicole’s mind with worries because she has been previously told that she can’t carry a child to term. What will Nicole do now?

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Nicole (Arianne Zucker) finds out she is pregnant

Elsewhere in Salem, EJ will be livid over Sloan’s revelation. During a conversation, Sloan accidentally slipped out that she caught Nicole and Eric in bed on Days of Our Lives. In the May 5, 2023, episode, EJ will go out looking for Eric. Once he spots him, he will demand answers over what Sloan told him. Eric will admit the truth and go on to rub it in EJ’s face. Infuriated by Eric’s audacity, EJ punches him right in the face, and Eric will return the punch right away!

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Alex Issues An Apology, The Search For Kate Begins

Alex has been reeling in guilt over stealing away Stephanie’s chance to say goodbye to her mother, Kayla. However, Kayla miraculously survived her “death” on Days of Our Lives. Hence, Alex might have a chance at winning Stephanie’s forgiveness. In the May 5, 2023, episode, Alex will bump into Kayla and Stephanie. He will take the opportunity to offer a heartfelt apology for his actions. Will the mother and daughter forgive him? Find out on Friday’s episode of Days of Our Lives!

DOOL/ Alex (Robert Scott Wilson) apologies to Kayla and Stephanie

Meanwhile, in Greece, Chad and Andrew will try to convince Steve to let Harris help them in Kate’s search. Days of Our Lives Spoilers For May 5, 2023, hint that Steve does not trust Harris and is not interested in making him a part of the team. However, the rest will be of the opinion that Harris could prove to be a valuable asset, and they must let him have a chance at redemption. Will Steve agree? Well, hopefully, he will make a decision fast because Kate will finally come face-to-face with her kidnapper on the fishing boat. Who do you think it will be? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to the upcoming episode of Days of Our Lives to find out the answers!


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